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The Catskills Alive Guide
The Catskills Alive Guide
The Catskills Alive Guide
Ebook442 pages6 hours

The Catskills Alive Guide

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"... you can bet that with this book in hand you won't be taking a chance... " Newsday. Less than a day's drive from New York City, Boston or Philadelphia, the Catskills have long been a popular weekend and summer retreat for city folk. The area offers fine accommodations, top-notch dining and spectacular surroundings. This book profiles hundreds of hotels and restaurants, with an emphasis on the very best places. Daytime activities – shopping, antique-hunting and more – are featured. In-margin icons allow you to see at a glance what is being covered in the text.
Release dateDec 20, 2009
The Catskills Alive Guide

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