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Black Sand
Black Sand
Black Sand
Ebook195 pages3 hours

Black Sand

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About this ebook

The continuing story of Detective Adam Kenzy from The Molecular Structures of Jade and Instant Sober. E A St Amant demonstrates once again that his stories are riveting and intriguing no matter what the genre. Small town northern Ontario, and through the busy streets of Toronto, the tapestry painted has a life of its own; surprises, one after another, from funny to tragic, from profane to profound. The villains, creeps and cops intermixed into a deadly cocktail; not for the squeamish.

Gradually, Adam Kenzy becomes the human face of law and order; neither anvil nor hammer, his calm staid disposition is Canadiana itself.

The Molecular Structures of Jade . . . awesome, I liked the way it was written and it was completely different than what I expected after reading Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain. A great book with a unique writing style and surprise outcomes. A bang-up collaboration between the authors without any style conflicts. It makes you think about life, its meaning and how every life is different; shows the strength and weakness of the spirit and how people overcome self quarrels in order to do the greater good. It somehow defines the distance people will go for what they believe is right. A full mixture of action, adventure and mystery and I would hardily recommend it. The suspense is maintained throughout, all the while intertwining a healthy dose of wit and humor.

Like Instant Sober it won't disappoint. I was enthralled–found it difficult to put it down, with its quick ability to grab the reader and hold his attention throughout. Not necessarily a book for someone with a weak stomach but a great exciting read with an almost too close to home feel, if it were not fiction. Would recommend it to those who enjoy edgy humor accompanied by aggressive action thriller. Not only a dark exciting tale of a streak of murders in Ontario, but one of the most outstanding action detective novels I’ve ever read. Detective Adam Kenzy unravels the mysteries of the Ottawa Valley disappearances and saves many lives in the mix.

Release dateJul 16, 2012
Black Sand

E A (Edward) St Amant

E A St Amant is the author of How to Increase the Volume of the Sea Without Water, Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain and Stealing Flowers.

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