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The Cubit: The 2012 Trilogy I
The Cubit: The 2012 Trilogy I
The Cubit: The 2012 Trilogy I
Ebook505 pages8 hours

The Cubit: The 2012 Trilogy I

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About this ebook

Desperate and unlikely strangers become friends to fight against what they believe will be the corruption of their small Texas island community by casino gambling. What they discover is the real threat, one born ages ago and predestined for the End Time. The Cubit waits for them. Soon, no one knows who is real and who is dead.

Release dateFeb 8, 2010
The Cubit: The 2012 Trilogy I

Peter Galarneau, Jr

Peter Galarneau Jr.'s works include the YA novels: "Dr. One" and "Crazy House"; and "The Edge of Hell", "The Worms Within Us", "Muldoon's Nursery" and the multi-volume saga "The 2012 Trilogy". He is a professor of media studies and public relations at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, West Virginia. He lives with his wife and cats (Foot Foot, Theodora, Braveheart) within the comfort of the West Virginia hills,

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