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In Pieces
In Pieces
In Pieces
Ebook345 pages4 hours

In Pieces

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About this ebook

From a mechanical forest that constructs itself to the streets of Kyoto 8,000 years hence, the sometimes whimsical, sometimes cutting short fiction of KJ Kabza has been dubbed "Delightful" (Locus Online) and "Very clever, indeed" (SFRevu). Collecting all of his previously published, early works (plus five new stories), IN PIECES offers glimpses into otherworldly holidays, a sibling's loss, haunted buildings, prophetic caves, and the defining moments that make us yearn for connection—whatever that might mean.

PublisherKJ Kabza
Release dateJun 18, 2011
In Pieces

KJ Kabza

Over 80 of KJ Kabza's fantasy and science fiction stories have appeared in four different languages in online venues, print anthologies, print magazines, ebooks, podcasts, and subscription email lists, in such places as, Strange Horizons, Nature, Motherboard, F&SF, and many, many more.KJ goes by his middle name, Jack, in his "regular people life" outside of writing circles. "I started selling fiction before I transitioned, and I wanted to have a gender-neutral byline," he explains. The byline stuck a little too well in that area of his life, but he accepts this with graceful resignation.KJ lives in sunny Tucson, Arizona, which is lovely for most of the year but rather like death in an oven for a few unfortunate months in the middle. He is not great at hiking, running, and weightlifting, but he enjoys all of these activities and does them regularly anyway. He shares a home with one husband, zero pets, and a number of trees that he is determined to sustain.

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