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Germany Adventure Guide
Germany Adventure Guide
Germany Adventure Guide
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Germany Adventure Guide

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About this ebook

This guide covers all of Germany in detail, from Berlin to Dresden, the Black Forest to Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Bavaria. How to get special discounts (some 20 for train and bus travel alone), with tips for saving on gas, on hotels, on museums – insights only an insider would know. The best shopping, the foods and wines – what to look for and where to find it. All the places to stay described in detail, from guesthouses and hostels to the most luxurious hotels. Germany has the world’s largest Gothic church at Cologne and more medieval castles than any country in the world. Hundreds of small towns are barely changed from the Middle Ages. The author guides us through all of the best castles, churches, museums and other historic sites. Rhine cruises, wine tours, concerts, theater, town and country walks, canoeing and kayaking, cycling – it’s all here.

"Great to see a guidebook on Germany in English by an author who realizes that Germany is more than Berlin, the Rhine, and Bavaria. Not that the well-known areas are neglected but I particularly enjoyed the wide coverage on the former East German regions.
The two great Saxon cities Leipzig and Dresden are covered in detail but even more impressive is the coverage of the lesser-known sights in Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The guide has all the information needed to arrange a trip to see the Romanesque architecture in Saxony-Anhalt and the marvelous brick Gothic on the Baltic Coast. I also enjoyed the half-timber houses in the Harz region - can't decide whether Quedlinburg or Hildesheim were the more impressive. And the author was right, we never saw or heard another English speaker for days while touring these regions.
This guidebook is thick but not too heavy. It is packed with tightly written information in an easy to use format. I liked the numerous small black-and-white photos that go with the text even more than the color inserts. A great and useful guide." -- Steven V.

"Of the three Germany guidebooks I used, this one was the most useful and not only because it covers so many places that the others simply ignored. Although you never get 10% off for showing this book, it has enough sensible advice on how to shave unnecessary expenses off the budget without ever feeling or acting like a cheapskate.

"I enjoyed the author's explanation of Germany's complex history but others may like the "History Cheat Sheet" that reduces six pages of history to a half page summary. Although the author has the ability to focus on the essentials, he (she?) drops enough fascinating tidbits to keep it interesting. I also love the explanation of major trends in German culture, arts, music, and literature.
The author clearly has opinions but never treats the reader like an idiot or writes down to you in any sense. As a non-German speaker I also loved the way all German terms are translated throughout the guide not expecting me to suddenly remember what is a kirch or Schloss halfway through the book.
The accommodation lists are very useful especially as it focuses on the around 80-120 per night middle to upper class hotels that suit my tastes. However, even the lower priced hotels all have private bathrooms, which to me is rather essential when on vacation." -- Jane S

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Release dateFeb 14, 2009
Germany Adventure Guide
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