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The Smoke in Our Eyes
The Smoke in Our Eyes
The Smoke in Our Eyes
Audiobook12 hours

The Smoke in Our Eyes

Written by James Grady

Narrated by Pete Cross

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Set in 1959, this action-filled coming-of-age novel about love, vengeance, corruption, and justice is a cinematic, clock-ticking saga set in a small Montana town.
Release dateFeb 6, 2024
The Smoke in Our Eyes

James Grady

James Grady’s first novel Six Days Of The Condor became the classic Robert Redford movie Three Days Of The Condor and the current Max Irons TV series Condor.  Grady has received Italy’s Raymond Chandler Medal, France’s Grand Prix Du Roman Noir and Japan’s Baka-Misu literature award, two Regardie's magazine short story awards, and been a Mystery Writers of America Edgar finalist.  He's published more than a dozen novels and three times that many short stories, been a muckraker journalist and a scriptwriter for film and television. In 2008, London’s Daily Telegraph named Grady as one of “50 crime writers to read before you die.”  In 2015, The Washington Post compared his prose to George Orwell and Bob Dylan.  

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