Necessary Sins
Necessary Sins
Necessary Sins
Audiobook16 hours

Necessary Sins

Written by Elizabeth Bell

Narrated by Dallin Bradford

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

In 19th-century Charleston, a Catholic priest grapples with his secret African ancestry and his love for a slaveholder’s wife.

Joseph Lazare grows up believing his black hair and olive skin come from a Spanish grandmother, and he’s shocked to learn she was an enslaved African. At thirteen, Joseph allows racial prejudice to limit his future and chooses the seminary. At twenty-three, he is ordained “a priest forever.”

When he meets Tessa Conley, a devout Irish immigrant who shares his passions for music and botany, Joseph’s ordered world cracks at its foundation. He must conceal his true feelings as Tessa marries another man—a plantation owner who treats her like property.

Acting on their love could ruin Joseph and Tessa in this world and damn them in the next. Can two broken people heal each other and find heaven on earth—or will there be hell to pay?

Necessary Sins is the first book in the Lazare Family Saga quartet. If you like character-rich dramas, vivid period detail, and heart-wrenching choices, then you’ll be swept away by this epic series, perfect for fans of The Thorn Birds and Outlander.

Contains mature themes.

Release dateMay 12, 2022
Necessary Sins

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