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Backyard Campout
Backyard Campout
Backyard Campout
Audiobook12 minutes

Backyard Campout

Written by Brian Herald

Narrated by Susan Spaulding

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


About this audiobook

Flashlights...check. Snacks....check. Bear spray...check. Wait, BEAR SPRAY!?

Spunky siblings Nino and Tenna are ready for their next adventure. There’s a full moon tonight, so you know what that means? Backyard Campout!

So maybe the tent took a few tries to set up. And maybe a few marshmallows are a little extra crispy. That’s what is so fun about a campout! 

This campy tale is perfect for the reader who enjoys fun and exciting stories about friendship and animals, and who loves to laugh. Plus it's packed with facts about nighttime critters like owls, crickets, and more! ;)

Grab your flashlight and your sleeping bag. We’re off to experience the great outdoors! 

Stories in the Adventures of Nino and Tenna series offer a positive and encouraging message using creativity, imagination, exploration, and play to entertain and inspire readers. And they always include activities related to the story for readers to enjoy!

From the imagination of an actual preschooler!

Release dateOct 1, 2020
Backyard Campout

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