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My First Camp Time Songs
My First Camp Time Songs
My First Camp Time Songs
Audiobook38 minutes

My First Camp Time Songs

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About this audiobook

Sing along with 25 goofy, nonsense songs. These songs are great for kids to listen to on long camping trips and car rides.

This album is even good for your children to listen to when its playtime at home!

Release dateJan 1, 2004
My First Camp Time Songs

Kim Mitzo Thompson

Kim Mitzo Thompson has been a children’s author, record producer, and publishing executive along with her twin sister Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand for over 29 years. Known as the Twin Sisters®, the duo have written thousands of products for children including over 3,300 songs, 550 digital albums, 250 e-books, 550 teacher resources, 15 apps, hundreds of books, and more! Thousands of their physical products can be found on Amazon and are distributed by various publishers worldwide. Their digital products are available on all major music streaming sites, e-book sites, audiobook sites, and teacher downloadable resource sites. Besides being authors, the fraternal twins run two companies, Creative IP, LLC and Twin Sisters IP, LLC. Both companies are dedicated to creating and licensing exceptional products worldwide. Kim's past experience as an elementary school teacher, lecturer, and television personality brings product development and sales expertise to the organization.

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