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e constantly apologise for things. And when we say we, we mean one of us in particular … we shall call her Claire (because that’s her name). In fact, when she rings people on the phone she’s even been known to say, “Hello, sorry!” and when she needs to address something at work, or when she’s giving someone great news or when, you know, it’s raining, the first thing out of her mouth is quite often an apology. Walking down the street and bump into someone? Sorry! Calling someone at work to sort out a meeting? Sorry! Need

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Marie Claire Australia1 min read
Marie Claire Australia
Georgie Abay EDITOR Deputy editor MELISSA GAUDRON Creative director JUANITA FIELD Art director LESLEY JHOTY Senior designer DANIELLE TAYLOR-TARRANT Photo director ROBYN FAY-PERKINS Fashion director NAOMI SMITH Junior fashion editor JORDAN BOORMAN Mar
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Queenstown is known for its devoted adrenalin-junkies. From speeding jet boats to towering ski runs and heart-stopping bungee jumps, there’s so much for them to flex. But there’s a new destination in town that focuses less on the thrills and more on
Marie Claire Australia1 min read
Five years after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, the esteemed designer is being immortalised in a new mini-series. Expect ’70s glamour and fashion meltdowns. Stream it now. Between a sold-out Aussie tour and opening for Taylor Swift last year, Abrams’ i

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