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The Week

The Week

The Week

104 episodes


Every Thursday, Electronic Beats hosts Kikelomo and OttO Kent shine a spotlight on music, culture and what’s next. From new releases, to the week’s crucial headlines in tech, fashion, and the arts, to the pop culture phenomena and discourse shaping our feeds right now – The Week is your frequency filter for the age of everything, everywhere, all at once.The Week is a production by Telekom Electronic Beats and ACB Stories.Follow @electronicbeats on Instagram and TikTok for more news updates, interviews and background stories. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Episodes1 - 10 of 104 episodes


Ukraine's sound of resistance, Fyre Festival, Burning Man

How is the electronic music scene in Ukraine keeping up and evolving since the Russian ...

28 minutes
Aug 31, 2023

DJ Gigola on meditation, Albmania, Burna Boy

Can a DJ set be a guided meditation? This week OttO Kent talks to DJ Gigola about dance...

28 minutes
Jul 20, 2023

Being a DJ is embarrassing, Rave The Planet, throwing things on stage

Do DJs have to be influencers nowadays? Why do some people feel that it’s embarrassing ...

25 minutes
Jul 13, 2023

MCR-T & Miss Bashful on sexual humour, The Warehouse, Zelda

Did you notice sexual humour is making its comeback on the dance floor? For this week’s...

26 minutes
Jul 06, 2023

Climate-conscious DJs, Glastonbury, Move Your Body 24/7

This week Kikelomo is joined by Juba to talk about how being a DJ often clashes with be...

27 minutes
Jun 29, 2023

Vision Pro x Club Culture, Free Parties, Free Drug Testing

When Apple introduced the Vision Pro, everyone was completely hung up on the huge price...

21 minutes
Jun 15, 2023

Mell G on Mental Health, Apple Vision Pro, Barbie’s OST

Talking about mental health has become destigmatized – more and more artists open up ab...

21 minutes
Jun 08, 2023

Queer Creators, Top 100 Clubs, Miley Cyrus

It’s officially Pride Month! And queer music and culture is more visible than ever. To ...

18 minutes
Jun 01, 2023

Cozzie Livs, Cringe DJ Names, Village People vs. Trump

Everyone is feeling the cost-of-living crisis – but things are especially bad for small...

23 minutes
May 25, 2023

Streaming payouts, Ed vs Ed, Who’s DIDE?

Streaming simply doesn’t pay the bills! The discussion about streaming payouts has been...

14 minutes
May 18, 2023