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So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

1332 episodes


*** Named a Best Podcast By The New York Times, Time Magazine, Real Simple and MSNBC *** Host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. Her newest book is entitled A Healthy State of Panic. With over 30 million downloads and multiple Webby wins, So Money is dedicated to sharing inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's financial leaders, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs. One day, hear an intimate money conversation with industry greats like Queen Latifah, Barbara Corcoran or Margaret Cho. Another day learn the basics of cryptocurrency and its impact on our wallets. On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers our most pressing financial questions about saving, investing and building wealth. Advice and insights always delivered through a lens of equity, inclusivity and the changing world we live in. Want more? Join the So Money Members Club at

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1675: This Couple Retired By 40 with $1 Million in Savings

Just days away from the next So Money Pop-Up Workshop, which will focus on “Couples and...

35 minutes
May 27, 2024

1674: Ask Farnoosh: Couples & Money: How To Go From Merged to Separate Bank Accounts?

Join Farnoosh's next So Money Pop-Up workshop for couples. In today's Ask Farnoosh, lis...

25 minutes
May 24, 2024

1673: The Rise of Online and AI-Led Financial Scams: How to Stay Safe Online

Today's show centers on ways we can protect ourselves from dangerous financial scams, m...

31 minutes
May 22, 2024

1672: Former White House Social Secretary Deesha Dyer

Deesha Dyer is the former White House Social Secretary under President Obama, meaning s...

33 minutes
May 20, 2024

1671: Ask Farnoosh: Harrison Butker's Deranged Graduation Speech and More!

Today's show: Managing a $100k inheritance; debt pay-down strategies; should I pay for ...

26 minutes
May 17, 2024

1670: Money, Murder and Modern Feminism with Jo Piazza, Author of The Sicilian Inheritance

Author of the national bestselling novel THE SICILIAN INHERITANCE and host of the UNDER...

38 minutes
May 15, 2024

1669: LLC versus S-Corp: Which One Is Right For You?

Stay tuned for tonight's Webby's BTS, where So Money receives an award -- on Farnoosh's...

35 minutes
May 13, 2024

1668: Ask Farnoosh: I'm the Sole Breadwinner Right Now. Can I Afford to Change Jobs?

Join the So Money Members Club to gain access to Farnoosh on the go and a front-row sea...

37 minutes
May 10, 2024

1667: Managing Your Mental Health as an “Only” or “Other”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to reflect on how our financial well-being...

34 minutes
May 08, 2024

1666: Keys to Getting Your Money's Worth with a Financial Advisor

We’re dedicating this entire episode to probably the biggest question I get from listen...

35 minutes
May 06, 2024