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Podcasts Archive | Dr. Pompa | Natural Health Solutions

Podcasts Archive | Dr. Pompa | Natural Health Solutions

Podcasts Archive | Dr. Pompa | Natural Health Solutions

76 episodes


Revitalize Your Health, Renew Your Wellness: Discover the Difference

Episodes1 - 10 of 76 episodes


407: Benefits of Natural Killer Cells

Today I welcome back friend to the show, Dr. Rafael Gonzales. He's here to talk about r...

35 minutes
May 06, 2022

405: GMOs: A Critical Time to Address This Threat to Humanity

Today we welcome the world's leading expert on GMOs - Jeffery Smith. Named "Person of ...

60 minutes
Feb 25, 2022

404: Silicone Support

Today welcomes back friend to the show, and our favorite expert in all things Breast Im...

53 minutes
Jan 07, 2022

400: Conscious Consumption of Natural Wine

Todd White has widely educated communities on conscious consumption. Todd is deeply pa...

44 minutes
Dec 10, 2021

398: Your Lymphatic System and The Parasympathetic State

Today I welcome back great friend to the show- the Lymph Queen herself, Kelly Kennedy. ...

50 minutes
Oct 22, 2021

397: Maintaining and Nurturing a Robust Immune System

You may remember Dr. Al from his journey with cancer and utilizing the carnivore diet. ...

44 minutes
Oct 15, 2021

396: A Keto Disaster Story: Denial, Triggers, & Emotional Eating

Today welcomes back great friend to the show, Errin Smith. Uncover all of the details ...

54 minutes
Oct 01, 2021

392: Unique Fasting Needs for Women

This repeat episode from 2020 highlights guest Cynthia Thurlow, who joined me to talk a...

51 minutes
Sep 03, 2021

391: What is Real Immunity? (Special Encore)

I want to bring back a very important topic in today’s world: the immune system. Our p...

52 minutes
Aug 27, 2021

390: Gluten Sensitivities: Not Just About the Gluten

As an internationally recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food se...

47 minutes
Aug 20, 2021