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Snow Boys
Snow Boys
Snow Boys
Ebook398 pages5 hours

Snow Boys

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About this ebook

Dean O'Donnell is a wallflower with a secret and a voice that could steal the show. Preferring to blend into the background at his high school, his world tilts on its axis when he is chosen for a major solo in the upcoming Christmas choir performance. His quiet life is further disturbed when he receives a Secret Santa gift, and an unexpected friendship forms.

Ben Hunter is the boy next door, well-liked but lonely. He wrestles with unspoken feelings for Dean and a family crisis that's tearing him apart. When he takes a job at the local cinema to help his family out of a desperate situation, his academic life begins to crumble under the strain. But that's the least of his worries.

As the holiday season unfolds, so do their feelings for each other. But with Dean's anxiety escalating, and Ben's life turning more chaotic, their differences seem more apparent than ever. Can they navigate their personal challenges and embrace the feelings growing between them? Or will this winter be the season of missed chances and what-ifs?

PublisherSD Press
Release dateOct 10, 2023
Snow Boys

Simon Doyle

Simon Doyle (he/him) was born and raised in County Limerick, Ireland. He discovered that he could travel the world on a shoestring by reading books at a very young age. When he won a local poetry competition at the age of nine, it sparked a lifetime love of words. But he swears never to write poetry again. His first novel release is Runaway Train, book 1 of the Runaway Bay series. He lives with three cats, two dogs, and Lucas, his human soulmate. They met in kindergarten. Where all good stories begin.

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