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Finishing the Charge: Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories
Finishing the Charge: Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories
Finishing the Charge: Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories
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Finishing the Charge: Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories

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About this ebook

This is Gettysburg like you've never seen it!


Gettysburg, PA, is known as the site of the Civil War battle, but so much else has happened there. The town has a cottage industry with ghost tours. Dinosaurs walked the battlefield. The first tankers in the country trained at Camp Colt. Proto-Indians fought battles over the mineral deposits. Witches frightened residents into the 1950s. And we haven't even got the fictional stories yet!

Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories: Finishing the Charge is a short collection of stories set in Gettysburg and drawing from its rich history to create a new vision of Gettysburg. The stories offer something for everyone: historical fiction, humor, and the paranormal.

  • "Finishing the Charge" is the story of a dying veteran's walk from southern Virginia back to the battlefield where his life was changed in 1863. Along the way, other aging veterans who feel the same pull from the battlefield join him in this final march to glory.
  • "Too Much Ghost, Too Little House" taps into the many ghost stories in Gettysburg and asks, "What would happen if a ghost haunted one of the tiny homes in a Gettysburg campground?"
  • "This Blood-Soaked Land" is a paranormal exploration of all the violence that has taken place on the battlefield and how it might affect the land.

Together, these stories show you Gettysburg in a brand new light!

Release dateAug 9, 2022
Finishing the Charge: Gettysburg Tall Tales & Short Stories

J. R. Rada

J. R. Rada is the author of seven novels, a non-fiction book and a non-fiction collection. These include the historical novels Canawlers, October Mourning, Between Rail and River and The Rain Man. His other novels are Logan’s Fire, Beast and My Little Angel. His non-fiction books are Battlefield Angels: The Daughters of Charity Work as Civil War Nurses and Looking Back: True Stories of Mountain Maryland.He lives in Gettysburg, Pa., where he works as a freelance writer. Jim has received numerous awards from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, Associated Press, Maryland State Teachers Association and Community Newspapers Holdings, Inc. for his newspaper writing.If you would like to be kept up to date on new books being published by J. R. Rada or ask him questions, he can be reached by e-mail at see J. R. Rada's other books or to order copies on-line, go to

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