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Lost Cargo
Lost Cargo
Lost Cargo
Ebook137 pages2 hours

Lost Cargo

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About this ebook

When Parker signed up for the new colony world, they said the journey would be easy; just a nice, long stasis nap, followed by a smooth descent in landing pods.

They were wrong.

When an asteroid impact damages their pod, Parker and her fellow passengers are prematurely launched and left stranded on a wild, uninhabited moon–the remnant of a failed terra forming experiment.

With no way to call for help, the group must race against a rapidly-closing window of time to reach an abandoned camp before their slim chance at rescue is gone forever.
Their journey will be far from easy as the dangers of this new alien landscape reveal themselves at every turn.
The only one who can lead them through it is Parker.
But she has her own priorities-
Survival may not be one of them.

Release dateSep 15, 2022
Lost Cargo

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