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Books One to Three of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King
Books One to Three of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King
Books One to Three of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King
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Books One to Three of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King

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About this ebook

Three young heroes find themselves in a world descending into chaos in this high fantasy novella. - Kirkus Reviews

In this series opener, Hammer’s prose evokes the romantic diction and mythological complexity of the high fantasy genre, sometimes to an eye-rolling extent:- Kirkus Reviews.

It’s unclear how many more installments Hammer has planned—one suspects it’s quite a few—but so far the pacing is brisk and the world, if not completely unique, is quite fun. - Kirkus Reviews

This story may not prove to be a crossover hit like some of the books that inspired it, but readers who love the fantasy genre will find much here to enjoy. - Kirkus Reviews

A derivative but skillfully executed and engaging fantasy. - Kirkus Reviews

Hammer writes with energy—the characters rush from one danger to another, always with high stakes and mysterious
artifacts involved. - Kirkus Reviews

The author’s narrative technique of rapidly shifting viewpoints from chapter to chapter echoes a similar tactic by some of
the bestselling writers in the fantasy genre, and for good reason: It keeps the story hurrying along in a compulsively
readable way. - Kirkus Reviews

Hammer is likewise skillful at changing tones; one chapter can be filled with high-stakes sorcerous tension,
and the next can be, equally convincingly, lighthearted - Kirkus Reviews

Readers encounter a very inventive world—one that features everything from Jinns to Greek mythology to Shaolin monks to the Monkey King, and in which the legions of Caesar can easily end up fighting hordes of vampires. - Kirkus Reviews

Readers already up to speed on the many ongoing plot threads will find this volume a tense and fast-paced addition to Hammer’s engaging fantasy world. - Kirkus Reviews

-Hammer does a good job of orchestrating the book’s suspenseful ending, which leads readers right on to the next installment. - Kirkus Reviews

A colorful and hyperactive section of a larger multicultural fantasy epic. - Kirkus Reviews

This is a fantasy novel that blends Robin Hood, King Arthur, Cleopatra, all fighting Dracula, in a world growing out of research of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell. Studying the Heroes Journey of Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces on which I wrote my Master's thesis with this story as my creative exegesis.
This novel is the one that will lead to a warm welcoming by thousands of readers in my lifetime. I hope it is appreciated as a work of art, expressing human cultures, spiritual beliefs, archetypes and psychoanalysis, but most importantly, that it is a story that readers can enjoy stepping into. That it makes the reader feel comfortable, exhilarated, interested, and emotionally engaged in the story telling that is heartfelt.

Kind regards,
L. A. Hammer

PublisherL A Hammer
Release dateFeb 22, 2022
Books One to Three of the Heroes of Legend: The Archer, The Princess, and The Dragon King

L A Hammer

L. A. Hammer has a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Painting and Literature studies. In 2020 he was awarded to the Degree of Master of Arts, Writing and Literature, Specialising in Creative Writing. His Masters’ exegesis was of a new King Arthur mash up, with Cleopatra, Robin Hood, Julius Caesar and Dracula, all rolled into the one adventure, and that’s just a few of the planned names to feature in this symbolic reality where animals and humans fight side by side, and magicians are a rare breed. The exegesis was complemented with studies into Arthurian Celtic Legends of the 12th to 13th centuries A.D. such as Wolfram's Parzival, and looking at religious symbolism in such stories, as well as studying Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, Carl Jung, and other related texts, such as Nicholas J. Higham's King Arthur text, and Stephen Knight's texts on Robin Hood. This new series; Book One of the Heroes of Legend was first published May 2021.Hammer has walked the Kokoda Track at age 16, and has swum with white tipped reef sharks on the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland at a similar age. His childhood holidays included many trips to Queensland, including Expo ’88, and a crocodile cruise at night where he played spotlight boy at the front of the boat. He fed the giant milkfish at the Darwin Aquascene at about age 8. He has many fond memories of those days, as well as his high school studies at a country college where he flourished in his love for art, reading and writing, drama, though his passion for reading fantasy novels began at a much younger age.Books Four to Five of Sons of Odin was published in print late 2020. There will be another 800 page Book Six at least, or perhaps a Books Six to Seven in one printed volume, with a possible middle series of six books that detail the early adventures of Highlander’s son and grandson, Pendral and Rayne Dragonsword.

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