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Heir of Magic: The Kingdom War, #1
Heir of Magic: The Kingdom War, #1
Heir of Magic: The Kingdom War, #1
Ebook313 pages4 hours

Heir of Magic: The Kingdom War, #1

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Currently unavailable

About this ebook

She thought she'd escaped . . .


. . . and then rough hands gripped her mouth.


She's the fifth. How many more will vanish before . . .


Constable Keelan Rae races against time and hope.


When the Crown Princess disappears, the kingdom rages. Blame is laid across the border. The banners are called.


War looms.


How many must die to serve her cause?


Can Keelan save those kidnapped before battle blazes?


You'll love this action-packed adventure because everyone yearns for magic in a time of darkness.


Get it now.

PublisherJ. D. Ruffin
Release dateNov 20, 2021
Heir of Magic: The Kingdom War, #1

J. D. Ruffin

J.D. Ruffin is the author of the acclaimed, action-packed Kingdom War series, an epic fantasy launched in 2021. J.D. was born in March 1970 in Nashville, Tennessee, and never really enjoyed reading until a friend loaned him a dog-eared copy of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Fellowship of the Ring. From that day, he was hooked, discovering fantasy authors Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind and many, many others. Not long after, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn and a host of other thriller/suspense writers entered the picture and captured his imagination. J.D. attended David Lipscomb University, studying speech communications and political science. Becoming an author was never part of the master plan, but… As a fourteen-year-old nerdy boy, J.D. and his friends would gather around the D&D dice for hours on end, trading reality for fantasy, if only in their minds. In his quest to “stump his friends” with an impossible campaign, he dreamed up a storyline that captured his imagination. Then… well… nothing happened. He grew up and went to work in a completely different world. Too many years later, that story he dreamed pulled at the corner of his mind, demanding to be heard… to be written. Hence, an author was born.

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