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Where the Moon Has Been
Where the Moon Has Been
Where the Moon Has Been
Ebook696 pages8 hours

Where the Moon Has Been

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About this ebook

A beautiful young Healer flees two deadly shapeshifting sorcerers. One is smitten with her. The other wants her dead.

Tekoah yearns for a peaceful life, but instead is hurtled into danger when she attracts the attention of two rival wizards. Zant's sole aim—eternal power. But Tekoah's Healing Clan stands in his way, so he targets them in his deadly plan for domination.

Moody Braith is younger, but his intelligence and strength already surpass any sorcerer ever spawned. His one vulnerability: a hopeless passion for Tekoah, who wants nothing to do with him.

Tapping into the power of the Moon Goddess, Tekoah unleashes her own magic. But as an apocalyptic clash between the wizards becomes inevitable, she must make a choice.

 Save herself or help her clan...


 Book 1 in Judith Lepore's epic fantasy serues, The Magic of Miraven, Where the Moon Has Been is a haunting epic fantasy tale of obsession and revenge-- amid a violent struggle between dark magic and light. Fans of Guy Gavriel Kay and Naomi Novik will love this book.

PublisherJudith Lepore
Release dateSep 7, 2021

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