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Dead Run
Dead Run
Dead Run
Ebook334 pages4 hours

Dead Run

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About this ebook

Operative Anika Washington has had enough!


She's fed up with the demands of the counterterrorism agency, U.N.I.T., to follow orders at all costs, even when innocent people are put in the crossfire. When she's led to believe her fellow operative and lover, Gianni Brambilla, has chosen another to build a future with, Anika finally decides to break free. But it's not that simple to leave the agency that owns her. So, she fakes her death and goes on the run. Then she discovers she was tricked into believing Gianni no longer wants her. And she realizes her break for freedom has endangered his life. She battles time, former enemies, and the agency itself to stay alive and save the man she loves.


This book has previously been published under the title Die Run Hide by Crimson Romance.

Release dateMay 17, 2021
Dead Run

PM Kavanaugh

Ever since she was a kid playing “spy” with her older sisters, PM Kavanaugh has loved a potent mix of intrigue, danger, and adventure. Now a writer of romantic thrillers, she lives in the Bay Area, California with her clever-enough-to-be-a-spy husband and their aptly named rescue cat, Dash.

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