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The Northern Line
The Northern Line
The Northern Line
Ebook224 pages3 hours

The Northern Line

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About this ebook

A young man returns to his hometown to mourn the reasons he left. An abused spouse copes with a lifetime of bullying in identifying with the lead character from an independent film. A political prisoner is snatched from a firing squad to find himself exiled in an obscure land. A family flees the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, using magic as a tool to s

Release dateMar 15, 2021
The Northern Line

Mike Lee

Mike Lee lives and works in Denver, Colorado, as a psychotherapist (which he sometimes thinks is great practice for writing novels, since he believes that a lot of what passes for psychology these days is fiction, too.) His previous work has been published in magazines (as far away as Bulgaria) and in local newspapers, and has all been professional (relating to psychotherapy and psychology) or political in nature. An avid reader of all kinds of novels, as well as political commentary, he started writing fiction a few years ago as a hobby, and is fond of saying "It probably wouldn't have happened if they still made good TV shows."

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