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Opt Out
Opt Out
Opt Out
Ebook404 pages5 hours

Opt Out

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About this ebook

Forget your fragile phones, ditch the clunky tablet: Smart Implants are the future.
You can't lose them, drop them, or have them pick-pocketed. They're always safe as a part of you. Right there to immortalize that beautiful holiday memory, get the latest news, message your friends, or watch the game-winning goal. Complete control is as easy as a flick of your fingers or the blink of your eye!


The Canadian government now offers free implants to every citizen. Consult our website to find your nearest implantation clinic. You can get your free implants within a week, just as quick as you can sign the user agreement.


You can rest easy knowing your data is kept safe on either the Nordica cloud or Prototek's secure storage. Both companies assure us that the technology is perfectly safe for everyone. We confirmed with them that the rumors regarding implants spying on their users and manipulating them are nothing but baseless accusations and pure fabrications.

PublisherRory Price
Release dateJun 13, 2020
Opt Out
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