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Winter's Malice
Winter's Malice
Winter's Malice
Ebook367 pages5 hours

Winter's Malice

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About this ebook

Three bodies in the span of twenty-four hours …

It's the dead of winter, and in Weeping Rock, South Dakota—a small town crippled by racism, drugs, and violence— Sheriff's Deputy Liam Matthews has his work cut out for him when he steps in to take over the duties of sheriff from his father, who for far too long has turned a blind eye to certain crimes for what he says is the overall good of the town.

Coming under scrutiny for hiring a Lakota to fill his position as deputy, things quickly go from bad to worse for Liam when the body of retired pro-baseball player Hector Ramirez, who had recently returned home to coach ball at his high school alma mater, is found floating in Crow's Foot Lake. Hector's bludgeoned corpse is no sooner on its way to the M.E.'s office in Rapid City, however, when the partially clothed body of a young girl is discovered in a clearing in the snow.

With two seemingly unrelated murders, Liam is judged at every turn of his investigation by the local population, Hector's reality TV star wife Kiki Grey, and his own father. Upon uncovering a tangled web of desperation, lies, and greed, the mounting pressure inside Liam to do the right thing becomes jaded when the skeletal remains of a third victim is found in a submerged car, bringing to the forefront a long-buried secret of his own—and threatening his already troubled marriage to Olivia—as his past and present collide.­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Release dateNov 12, 2019
Winter's Malice

Belinda G. Buchanan

Thank you for taking the time to read Winter’s Malice. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and is very much appreciated. I love to talk almost as much as I love to write, so come chat with me on Facebook or Twitter, and if you’re a pinner, come find me on Pinterest. Books also by Belinda G. Buchanan Mystery Series The Monster of Silver Creek Tragedy at Silver Creek Other Works After All Is Said And Done Seasons of Darkness

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