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The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1
The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1
The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1
Ebook285 pages3 hours

The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1

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About this ebook

The Adventures of Harry Morgan is a collection of three interlocking, fast-action crime mystery novellas featuring an active adventurous retiree, Harry Morgan, who attracts trouble like a magnet. Harry, a retired businessman, lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and owns a sailboat. His friends and long-suffering wife, Jean, have given up trying to keep him out of disasters, but invariably they are also sucked into the story and endure whatever adventure Harry is into until the end.

The three novellas are:
Collegial Conspiracy: An old friend, dying of cancer, asks Harry to help him rob a bank...not just any bank; Harry's bank where he does business. Not just any old robbery, but a robbery just like Bonnie and Clyde would do it! Against his own better judgment, Harry risks everything – his life, his liberty, even his marriage – to keep a promise to his old friend. And then things really start to get complicated when his friend’s son, Tony, gets involved.
Emilio: What drove Tony to robbery . . . or worse? A drug addicted college girl and her boy friend apparently commit suicide. But what if it was more than that? What if it was murder? Tony finds himself on the hook facing manslaughter and blackmail charges and Harry finds himself playing detective...smack dab in the middle of an investigation that rubs up against the bank robbery he committed and is working so hard to forget. Can he solve the mystery and get away clean?
The Pirates of Cayo Pelau: Harry's heard all the stories of modern-day pirates along the Florida coast, but that's never slowed him down. As he teaches his friends to sail in his new boat, he expects mosquitoes and sand gnats . . . but he never expected to stumble onto a slave ring. Now he has to free the captives, put the slave smugglers out of business, and rescue his friends...before it's too late.

PublisherClabe Polk
Release dateNov 7, 2017
The Adventures of Harry Morgan, Volume 1

Clabe Polk

CLABE POLK is into a second career as a writer of fiction. So far, he has written four novels, three novellas, several short stories, and has a couple of other novels in process. He is a lifelong reader with a great variety of life experience.With a background in biology and natural sciences, Mr. Polk has more than thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection program management and law enforcement.He lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters, and the family’s Cockapoo named Annie.

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