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Professor Hallux and the Lalalas
Professor Hallux and the Lalalas
Professor Hallux and the Lalalas
Ebook202 pages3 hours

Professor Hallux and the Lalalas

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About this ebook

Grumpy little aliens called Lalalas have waged war on humans!

They're sucking the fun and energy out of everything and the Earth is slowing down... Can anyone stop them before everything grinds to a halt? This is a job for the professionals!

Unfortunately, the professionals were busy so it's down to maverick scientific experimentalists Professor Hallux and Nanobot to save the day.

What follows is a roller coaster ride smashing through science - and some of it is even real science!

From the rain forests of Madagascar to the South Pole, including comet-hopping, and atom-smashing in the heart of a nuclear reactor, all with a smattering of space glue and ukuleles, you won't want to miss Hallux and Nanobot in their first full-length adventure.

Release dateMay 22, 2017
Professor Hallux and the Lalalas

Nicky Tate

Nicky Tate writes educational radio features for the national children’s radio station Fun Kids, and she’s also written scripts for well-known children’s characters such as Dennis and Gnasher, and the Bin Weevils. She enjoys writing for the screen, with her latest action thriller feature optioned in 2016 (co-written with Andy Conway – Her novel manuscript The Challah Tin was shortlisted for the Impress Prize in 2013. Nicky lives in Smethwick with her family and some cats. She is obsessed with plot twists and loves a good fry-up. These two interests rarely overlap. Find out more at or follow Nicky on Twitter @nickytatewrites

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