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A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Trust
Ebook341 pages4 hours

A Matter of Trust

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About this ebook

A tragic auto accident? No! The accident was staged, and young Doctor Ward murdered. But why? And by whom? The only witness, a DUI motorist, flees the scene. In the aftermath of Ward’s death, and the media fascination, his widow, socialite Kingsley Ward, flees Philadelphia, impulsively accepting a job as VP of commercial lending at a small-town central Pennsylvania bank. But trouble follows her. She uncovers a bogus loan scam that leads her to suspect senior management. Throwing her life into further disarray, the anonymous witness to her husband’s murder contacts her with compelling details about the killer’s identity. Angry and frustrated, Kingsley vows to solve both crimes herself, risking her job, her reputation—and even her life.
Release dateMay 6, 2017
A Matter of Trust

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