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A History of Modern Lebanon
A History of Modern Lebanon
A History of Modern Lebanon
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A History of Modern Lebanon

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About this ebook

This is the first history of Lebanon from the Ottoman Empire to the modern period. Based on previously inaccessible archives, it is a fascinating account of one of the world's most fabled countries.

Starting with the formation of Ottoman Lebanon in the 16th century, Traboulsi covers the growth of Beirut as a capital for trade and culture through the 19th century, it's independence and experiences as a republic, before moving onward to Lebanon's development in the late 20th century and the conflicts that led up to the major wars in the 1970s and 1980s and beyond.

This is a stunning history of Lebanon over five centuries, bringing to life its politics, its people and the crucial role that it has always played in world affairs.

PublisherPluto Press
Release dateJun 14, 2012
A History of Modern Lebanon

Fawwaz Traboulsi

Fawwaz Traboulsi is Associate Professor teaching history and politics at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. He is the editor in chief of the pan-Arab political-cultural quarterly Bidayat, published in Beirut and the author of A History of Modern Lebanon (Pluto, 2012).

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