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Learn French With Stories: French: Learn French with Stories, #1
Learn French With Stories: French: Learn French with Stories, #1
Learn French With Stories: French: Learn French with Stories, #1
Ebook229 pages2 hours

Learn French With Stories: French: Learn French with Stories, #1

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About this ebook

A rewarding and effective method of learning French.

If you cannot easily visit a French speaking country and immerse yourself in the French language, reading is one of your best alternatives.

A painless and effective way to absorb the French Language.

Reading has long been proven to be one of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language. By studying in this way, you should be able to improve your French without the monotonous chore of memorising grammar. These eBooks cover a diverse range of grammatical structures (description, casual conversation, useful vocabulary).

No painful back and forth process of continually searching for definitions or translation.


Recommended for beginner and intermediate level learners of French.

However, a basic understanding of French would be highly recommended to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness. Perfect for anyone who wants to brush up their French language skills.

Improve your listening.

Practice your pronunciation and your listening with the free audiobook! (175 minutes/ read by a French Native Speaker).

Each story is recorded 2 different ways:

• A slow version to help beginners to improve their pronunciation

• A normal and natural speed for intermediate and advanced learners"


Never forget the vocabulary again.

A vocabulary list recap appears at the end of each chapter. You can review your study and make sure that you don’t forget any essential French words.

Useful vocabulary for everyday situations:

7 stories about Travelling, Cooking, Shopping, Love, School, Relationships, Movie.

Technical detail :

  • 700 words expressions in French translated in English.
  • MP3 (175 minutes in total)
  • Story Length: 15 000 words (Equivalent of a 60 page book)


Free exclusive BONUS: Download Le Horla (a classic from the famous author Maupassant) in parallel text (French and English).

and Much, much more!

By the time you’ve finished this eBook, you will have picked up 700 new words, learned some colloquial French, some new grammar, and improved your French listening skills (thanks to the MP3). Whether you are about to visit France or are just learning French for pleasure, you’ll be able to apply the vocabulary used in this eBook to make your French sound more natural. 

If you’re ready to begin improving your French, then scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button to get started...

Release dateApr 23, 2016
Learn French With Stories: French: Learn French with Stories, #1

Frederic Bibard

Frédéric Bibard is the founder of, a French language and culture website named as the #1 language blog in the 2016 Best Language Learning Blogs by and Lexiophiles.  He spent several years teaching French while traveling abroad and has since moved back to Paris to dedicate his time TO developing fun and helpful French language resources. He takes food seriously (he is French after all), but he complements it with a love of running which allows him to nurture his passion for good food while staying in shape.  Say hello to him on Twitter (@fredericbibard) and Google+ or visit his website

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