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The Poellenberg Inheritance
The Poellenberg Inheritance
The Poellenberg Inheritance
Ebook280 pages4 hours

The Poellenberg Inheritance

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

A woman inherits a legacy of greed, guilt, and deadly danger when her father—a former SS Commander—bequeaths a priceless treasure
Twenty-five years after fleeing Germany, Paul Weiss lives a quiet life in Spain. Throughout his years of exile, he’s kept a single photograph of a three-year-old girl. Now, he will set in motion a series of events that will reunite him with his long-lost daughter.
All Paula Stanley knows about her father is that he was killed in Russia in 1944, his body buried in a frozen wasteland near Stalingrad. Then she gets a call from a stranger. Not only is General Paul Bronsart alive, he wants to bequeath her a priceless treasure he claims was given to him during the war.
It’s called the Poellenberg Salt. For four hundred years, the thirty-six-inch-high gem- and gold-encrusted relic was the most priceless treasure in Germany—and someone else is after it. The matriarch of an aristocratic family whose home was looted by the Nazis also lays claim to the Poellenberg Salt. Culminating in a shocking denouement in Paris, Evelyn Anthony’s The Poellenberg Inheritance is a masterpiece of wartime intrigue and a daughter’s search for her father.
Release dateDec 15, 2015
The Poellenberg Inheritance

Evelyn Anthony

Evelyn Anthony is the pen name of Evelyn Ward-Thomas (1926–2108), a female British author who began writing in 1949. She gained considerable success with her historical novels—two of which were selected for the American Literary Guild—before winning huge acclaim for her espionage thrillers. Her book, The Occupying Power, won the Yorkshire Post Fiction Prize, and her 1971 novel, The Tamarind Seed, was made into a film starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif. Anthony’s books have been translated into nineteen languages.

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