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Dart Essentials
Dart Essentials
Dart Essentials
Ebook437 pages3 hours

Dart Essentials

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About this ebook

About This Book
  • Build sophisticated, powerful apps using Dart 1.9; learn about the newest libraries and asynchronous APIs
  • Write encapsulated components and apps with Web Components, polymer.dart, and AngularDart
  • Explore Standalone Dart VM with CLI apps, unit testing, and server-side scripting and discover Dart's full potential with C/C++ native extensions
  • Practical, tutorial-based guide with examples in the context of modern web development for mobile and desktop with HTML5 features
Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at expert programmers in JavaScript who want to learn Dart quickly. Some previous experience with OOP programming in other languages and a good knowledge of JavaScript are assumed.

Release dateMay 25, 2015
Dart Essentials

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