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Harboring Kintah
Harboring Kintah
Harboring Kintah
Ebook25 pages15 minutes

Harboring Kintah

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About this ebook

They’ve nearly escaped Corps space, but an inspector’s gotten suspicious. If they find Kintah, they won’t care she’s just a child—they’ll kill her, anyway. How will Sawl keep her safe?

(A short story of about 1500 words, plus 2 bonus related stories, totaling 3900 words for all 3 stories.)

PublisherMisty White
Release dateMay 29, 2012
Harboring Kintah

Misty White

Misty White has told stories from before she could talk. Her mother couldn’t understand her, but at least Misty knew what she was saying. Eventually, she figured out the talking thing, then later discovered that it didn’t matter when she talked too fast if folks read her stories, instead. She’s been scribbling ever since.

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