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Machina Obscura
Machina Obscura
Machina Obscura
Ebook266 pages4 hours

Machina Obscura

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About this ebook

Xyl, a twenty-year-old NetRunner, is released from prison by a Federal agent who needs her skills for a simple run on a biotechnology company.

But all is not as it seems. Xyl finds more questions than answers, and along the way picks up an enigmatic partner named Gracie. The two find themselves working together without truly trusting each other, following the trail of clues to the destroyed netspace of a misguided programmer. And Xyl has a price on her head.

Only Xyl's NetRunning expertise and sacrifice can stop the programmer's Artificial Intelligences from carrying out their misguided plan...

Release dateMar 2, 2012
Machina Obscura

Carol Meacham

Carol E. Meacham is a science-fiction writer and postal worker living in Rossville, Georgia, USA. Aside from reading, watching and writing science-fiction, her interests include Eastern philosophies, the United States space program, computers, and fan fiction. She has worked for the US Postal Service for eight years. Carol has written fan fiction for the Star Wars universe and the X-Men. Her goal is to publish at least one book in every subgenre of science-fiction.

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