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Love, Jack
Love, Jack
Love, Jack
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Love, Jack

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About this ebook

"Jack and I sat on the edge of the cliff, and for the first time that night we were quiet together. He turned and kissed me tenderly, and my breath was taken away. The brightness of the moon and stars made his eyes appear bluer than the ocean beneath us. He broke the silence by saying softly, 'I fell in love with you tonight.'"

John F Kennedy was a dashing young senator pursued by an Italian contessa and the imposing forces of his destiny. She was a twenty-one-year-old Swedish aristocrat away from home for the first time. Their accidental meeting at a port in the Riviera changed both their lives forever.
Spanning two continents and the Atlantic Ocean, unfolding over a six-year period starting in 1953, this is the true story of a transcendent but heartbreaking love between two people at the peak of their youth and beauty, a love that seemed impossible but could 'not be denied. Here is an intimate portrait of John Kennedy never before seen: a gentle, kind, and caring man, intensely passionate and full of life-but a man who faces great difficulty adjusting to the demanding role history and his father have assigned him.
Driven by his love for Gunilla von Post, Jack risked the sort of exposure that might have ruined his career, and he was willing to endure debilitating pain to cross the ocean for her. For the sake of her passion, Gunilla risked the ostracism of her family and friends, ready to turn her back on the country she loved.
Here at last is the heartwarming account of a history-making romance, a "brief, shining moment" - before Camelot, before an assassin's bullets shattered the hopes of a nation - a moment in time that Gunilla von Post is now ready to share with the world.

"This book gives a very rare glimpse into JFK's private life before the White House years. Ms. von Post's viewpoint is truly unique - - JKF fell in love with her during a fortuitous meeting in France which led to a romantic evening together that same day in 1953; this was followed by two years of periodic correspondence and phone calls leading to a week-long reunion in Sweden during the summer of 1955. One gets a first-hand account of the young senator's personality from a woman who loved him (although she knew he was married) that paints a much different picture from those biographers who treat him more as a self-serving womanizer. The book also reveals the extent to which JFK was subservient to his father's demands, although one also gets the sense that at times the young senator truly wished he could break away from his father's intentions and be his own man. This he succeeds in doing, if only for a week, during the magical time he spends with Ms. von Post in 1955. Thank you, Gunilla, for sharing your own personal story of one of history's most fascinating personalities." -- James Bourke (Amazon reviewer)

"I was absolutely delighted to read such a wonderful book about a part of John F.Kennedy's life. This book has helped to present to the world the real Jack Kennedy: the sensitive man who, for some but rare, precious and stolen moments, wanted to live his own life, go his own way and not only follow the one created by others for him.
He might seem to be a kind of a dreamer to think he could escape the constant pressure on his shoulders and what he was daily asked to be and to present to the world by loving someone from the other side of the Atlantic . But I am sure and convinced that Gunilla Von Post was really someone special to him (and in his heart) and that she helped him a lot during this magic period for both of them." --Olivia King

GUNILLA VON POST was born into the Swedish aristocracy in 1932. Today she divides her time between Palm Beach, Florida, and a villa in Switzerland. She has two daughters, a son, and several grandchildren.

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Release dateMar 21, 2009
Love, Jack

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