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Audiobook (abridged)6 hours


Written by Colleen McCullough

Narrated by Michael York

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

It is 54 B.C. Gaius Julius Caesar is sweeping through Gaul. While his victories in the name of Rome are epic, the conservative leaders of the Republic are not pleased -- they are terrified. Where will the boundless ambition of Rome's most brilliant soldier stop? He must be destroyed before he can overthrow the government and install himself as Dictator.

When Cato and the Senate betray him, Caesar resolves to turn his genius against his ungrateful country. Backed by a loyal and skilled army, he marches on Rome. But before reaching his goal, he must contend with Pompey the Great, a formidable adversary who underestimates the renegade Caesar.

These are tumultuous times -- for Caesar, who endures personal tragedies even as he wages war; for Pompey, who must wrestle with his fear that his greatness is at an end; for Cicero, whose luminous rhetoric is shattered by threat of violence; and for the citizens of Rome, whose destiny lies in Caesar's hands.

The fifth novel in Colleen McCullough's unforgettable Masters of Rome series, Caesar brings to life the passion and genius of an incomparable man.
Release dateDec 1, 1997

Colleen McCullough

Born in 1937, Colleen McCullough was a neuroscientist by training and worked in various Sydney and English hospitals before settling in the Department of Neurology at Yale Medical School in the USA. Her hugely successful novel, The Thorn Birds, was published in 1977 followed by a string of bestselling books. Colleen lived for many years on Norfolk Island and died there in 2015 aged 77.

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