(L)earn Bitcoin: Become Financially Sovereign
(L)earn Bitcoin: Become Financially Sovereign
(L)earn Bitcoin: Become Financially Sovereign
Audiobook4 hours

(L)earn Bitcoin: Become Financially Sovereign

Written by Anita Posch

Narrated by Kevin Hanssen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Learn Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin book to decide why and how you should begin to use Bitcoin. It presents all its facets from technical, economical, political and social implications. It provides a step-by-step roadmap to navigate this new financial world and sets you up with concrete recommendations on bitcoin investing, earning and storing bitcoin. Ascending the staircase of financial sovereignty will grant you personal freedom and control over your bitcoin money.

In this book you will find answers to the questions of what money is, where it comes from, its history, blockchain technology and Bitcoin specifically. It gives answers to the why and how to use Bitcoin while debunking popular myths and misunderstandings surrounding cryptocurrencies. You'll find a deep dive into Bitcoin's development since its inception in 2008 and an outlook on the future of cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin.

While mainstream media and economic pundits in the Western world think that it's just a tool for speculation, my goal is to spread the word about Bitcoin as an enabler of financial fairness and social change. What goes unmentioned in most other publications are the positive real world implications that a truly permissionless, uncensorable, neutral digital asset with a fixed supply offers.

Later the cryptocurrency book focuses on the more practical applications of Bitcoin (BTC) and how you can safely acquire, use and store it.

This is not financial advice, it's for people who want to (l)earn and understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin. 

Release dateSep 10, 2022
(L)earn Bitcoin: Become Financially Sovereign

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