Tevye the Milkman
Tevye the Milkman
Tevye the Milkman
Audiobook5 hours

Tevye the Milkman

Written by Sholem Aleichem

Narrated by Neville Jason

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



About this audiobook

Tevye the Milkman, a uniquely charming Jewish novel from Tsarist rural Russia, provided the principal character for Fiddler on the Roof. Here we have the full story, with all its Jewish humour, wisdom and despair. The central character, Tevye the Milkman, goes around the community in the Russian countryside delivering milk and cheese, but also dispensing wisdom from the Talmud laced with his commonsense view of life. Funny, enriching but also moving, this remarkable little Jewish classic will charm all who hear it, especially in the reading by veteran audiobook performer Neville Jason.
Release dateJan 1, 2009
Tevye the Milkman

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