2024 MotorTrend New Car Buyer's Guide: Ram - Volvo


PROMASTER EV The upcoming ProMaster EV work van is the first planned all-electric Ram vehicle for the U.S. market; it’s slated to go on sale in the second half of 2023, a full year before the more mainstream Ram 1500 REV pickup truck. Expect it to carry over a lot of the existing European Fiat E-Ducato van, which is available with a single 120-hp motor that also makes 210 lb-ft of torque. Two battery packs should offer an all-electric range between 120 and 220 miles, good enough for daily out-and-back deliveries. Ram previously announced “strong customer demand” for an EV version of its ProMaster. Ford and Mercedes are also electrifying their delivery vans, and Ram has already revealed Amazon as a major customer for its version.

MINOR UPDATES 1500, 2500/3500 CARRYOVER ProMaster Van



R1S Rivian is finally expanding its offerings. The unique four-motor powertrain implemented in early examples of the R1T and R1S enabled supreme individual wheel control for unmatched traction on- and off-road, but let’s be honest—four motors and 3.0 seconds to 60 mph is a little overkill for most scenarios.

Thus, Rivian introduced the Dual-Motor and Dual-Motor Performance trim levels. Power is down to “only” 533 or 665 hp, respectively, and range with the highest-capacity battery option climbs to an estimated 390 miles (up by roughly 70), or 340 miles with the midrange battery. At the same time, these versions are claimed to be just half a second slower to 60 mph. Dual-Motor Rivians miss out on many of the range-topping models’ drive modes but retain the height-adjustable air suspension and subsequent exceptional ground clearance. Visually, the only distinctions are black-accented badging and silver brake calipers instead of yellow highlights.

Infotainment revisions include improved trip planning supplied by A Better Route Planner and added functionality to Gear Guard to allow recording to external hard drives and automatic saving for incidents indicated by collisions or hard braking.

Even down a couple motors, the R1S isn’t exactly for the plebeians. Pricing starts at $78,000 for an R1S Dual-Motor with the Standard battery or $84,000 if you want the Large battery. Pricing for the Max battery option remains unreleased, but in the case of the R1T, it’s a $10K jump. The Dual-Motor Performance commands a $5,000 premium.

Copy-paste the R1S’ changes here. The pickup has a slight advantage in its maximum range (with the Max battery pack) at a claimed 400 miles. The R1T’s new base price is $73,000 for a Dual-Motor example with the standard battery, and prices for the Dual-Motor Performance range from $84,000 to $94,000.

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