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Pretty Tied Up
IF YOU HAVEN’T noticed, Slash is literally busier than ever before. And we’re not just talking about his ongoing Gun N’ Roses duties, his Capital One commercial, his new Orgy of the Damned album or his S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Festival. We’re talking about gue
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Bruce Kulick
KISS’S NON-MAKEUP era is often relegated to “persona non grata” status — at least for original-lineup diehards. But things were different for Kiss fans growing up without Ace Frehley — as they only knew Bruce Kulick. Of course, before Kulick, there w
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SOME THINGS ARE just meant to go together — like peanut butter and chocolate, or Bennifer. You could add Lamb of God and Mastodon to that list of perfect pairings. Though they’re two very different bands — the former a precision thrash force with a p