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A Love for Lures

If you are an avid fisherman, chances are you have an obsession with collecting lures. They compel fascination, appreciation and the dire desire to add just one more lure to your collection. Sylvie Madison was captured by the unique design of Hawaiian resin lures and this initial interest has since grown into a thriving small online business, Big Game Lures Hawaii. Sylvie sells used, new and vintage Hawai‘i-made lures. She also manages a successful Facebook community set up to identify and discuss the history of vintage trolling lures.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Sylvie and attending the Harbor Markets she organized at Honokōhau Harbor, I was happy to interview her. Knowing very little about lures myself, and also because she steers a wahine-owned business, I was excited to learn more about her operation and involvement in the fishing industry.

Before she moved to Kona in 2015, Sylvie spent the previous 14 years in Thailand. “I worked

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