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STAY WELL The Nordic Way
With their outdoorsy hobbies, clean air to breathe and balanced diets, it’s no surprise that women living in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are among the healthiest in the world. Looking for new ways to feel great all winter? Adopt these Nordic
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The answers to all but one of these quiz questions can be found hidden in this wordsearch grid, reading forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally. To help you, we’ll tell you that the answers are in alphabetical order in each section. However, on
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Festive TV QUIZ
Can you remember what you watched this year? 1 Who did Corey Mylchreest play in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story on Netflix? 2 Can you name the legendary soap actress played by Helena Bonham Carter in the ITV1 drama Nolly? 3 In the reboot of US c