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Surface tension

Even by rallying standards, Rallye Monte Carlo 2020 was characterised by hugely unpredictable conditions. Though a mix of snow, ice and dry tarmac is usual on the event, relatively warm daytime temperatures, that dropped come nightfall, made it a challenge for both drivers and ice crews. During the opening stages, which run over the first night,

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IndyCar Confirms Hybrid Date
IndyCar has confirmed it will debut its new hybrid system during the ninth round of the season at Mid-Ohio in early July. Each of the cars will be fitted with a low voltage (48V) MGU and energy storage system comprising 20 ultracapacitors located in
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Faenza Files
There hasn’t been too much to shout about for Red Bull’s second Formula 1 team since the current regulations cycle started in 2022, but that could all be about to change. RB, which started life as Toro Rosso, emerging from the ashes of Minardi in 200
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Racecar Engineering
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