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Светя другим: Миры Таурис, #6
Светя другим: Миры Таурис, #6
Светя другим: Миры Таурис, #6
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Светя другим: Миры Таурис, #6

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Что, если описанный мир станет реальным? Маленькая Ира, умирающая в хосписе, оказывается в теле главной героини собственной книги. Теперь юной создательнице предстоит пережить все испытания, которые она придумала для своих персонажей. Есть и хорошая новость: верный друг поможет девочке справиться и с новым телом, и с новой реальностью. Вот только герои еще не знают, насколько новый мир, созданный Ирой, непредсказуем и опасен.

Release dateAug 10, 2023
Светя другим: Миры Таурис, #6
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Vladarg Delsat

Vladarg Delsat is a prolific writer whose life and work are marked by resilience and a deep understanding of adversity. Born into an ethnic German family in the Soviet Union in the mid-1970s, Vladarg experienced first-hand the effects of historical conflict and discrimination. His formative years were spent in Moldova, where he studied medicine amid civil unrest, often juggling his studies with emergency medical duties. After completing his training, Vladarg moved to his mother's homeland, Romania, and later settled in Germany. His professional focus was paediatrics, with a particular interest in rare diseases. However, personal challenges changed his life when his children, affected by the Chernobyl disaster, needed extensive care. This situation led him to significantly change his career path. Vladarg's journey into the literary world began in 1998, coinciding with the birth of his eldest child. His writing, mainly in Russian, explores the struggles faced by children with special needs, particularly in times of conflict and against a backdrop of societal prejudice. In May 2023, he expanded his literary horizons by venturing into English literature with a self-published therapeutic book that reflects his profound experiences and insights. Married and the father of three, Vladarg's story is one of unwavering determination, deep family love and the power of the human spirit to overcome formidable obstacles. His works not only tell stories, but offer a window into the challenges and triumphs of those who navigate life's more complex paths.

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