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Elaine Castillo discusses rescuing dogs — and herself [Video]

Elaine Castillo Discusses Rescuing Dogs — and Herself [Video]

Gabrielle Bellot on the magic of psychedelics [Video]

Gabrielle Bellot on the Magic of Psychedelics [Video]

Julia Turshen discusses the power of true strength [Video]

Julia Turshen Discusses the Power of True Strength [Video]

Randa Jarrar on raising her son and teenage motherhood [Video]

Randa Jarrar on Raising Her Son and Teenage Motherhood [Video]

Holding Space with Roxane Gay & Julia Turshen [Video]

Holding Space with Roxane Gay & Julia Turshen [Video]

Lane Moore’s top 4 relationship books

Lane Moore’s Top 4 Relationship Books

Remnants of the Tartarian Empire: A photo journey

Remnants of the Tartarian Empire: A Photo Journey

Lisa See on the ‘deep bonds’ & ‘dark shadows’ of friendship

Lisa See on the ‘deep Bonds’ & ‘dark Shadows’ of Friendship

5 questions with William Kent Krueger

5 Questions with William Kent Krueger

Jeannette Walls on the joys of research

Jeannette Walls on the Joys of Research

Comedian Jesse Joyce on history weirder than fiction [Video]

Comedian Jesse Joyce on History Weirder Than Fiction [Video]

5 questions with Lisa Jewell

5 Questions with Lisa Jewell

5 questions with Agustina Bazterrica

5 Questions with Agustina Bazterrica

Stories of courage, loss, and perseverance from everyday Ukrainians

Stories of Courage, Loss, and Perseverance from Everyday Ukrainians

5 questions with Matthew Quick

5 Questions with Matthew Quick

Quiz: How well do you know surf lingo?

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Surf Lingo?

5 questions with Luke Russert

5 Questions with Luke Russert

5 questions with Christina Lauren

5 Questions with Christina Lauren

Celeste Headlee on how to stop talking to yourself like an a**hole

Celeste Headlee on How to Stop Talking to Yourself Like an A**hole

5 questions with Mike Chen

5 Questions with Mike Chen

5 questions with Laura Tremaine

5 Questions with Laura Tremaine

Comedian Chris Gethard on writing about fatherhood [Video]

Comedian Chris Gethard on Writing About Fatherhood [Video]

5 questions with Katy Hays

5 Questions with Katy Hays

5 questions with Tricia Levenseller

5 Questions with Tricia Levenseller

Activist Najwa Zebian on how to trust your heart [Video]

Activist Najwa Zebian on How to Trust Your Heart [Video]

Ex-CIA officer Mike Baker on spies, CEOs, and more [Video]

Ex-CIA Officer Mike Baker on Spies, CEOs, and More [Video]

5 questions with Gary Chapman

5 Questions with Gary Chapman

5 Questions with Jenni Walsh

5 Questions with Jenni Walsh

5 questions with Natalie Lue

5 Questions with Natalie Lue

5 Questions with Jacques Pépin

5 Questions with Jacques Pépin

How Native author Stephen Graham Jones thinks about horror

How Native Author Stephen Graham Jones Thinks About Horror

5 questions with Dr. Corey Yeager

5 Questions with Dr. Corey Yeager

Moms share their darkest truths with Anne Helen Petersen

Moms Share Their Darkest Truths with Anne Helen Petersen

5 questions with Justina Ireland

5 Questions with Justina Ireland

Writer and actor Robert King knows being a dad is no joke

Writer and Actor Robert King Knows Being a Dad is No Joke

5 questions with Deborah Liu

5 Questions with Deborah Liu

Historian Peter Stark on the hopes, fears, and follies of America

Historian Peter Stark on the Hopes, Fears, and Follies of America

5 questions with Jillian Medoff

5 Questions with Jillian Medoff

The FBI’s Chief Explosives Scientist on the hurdles of publishing

The FBI’s Chief Explosives Scientist on the Hurdles of Publishing

5 questions with Dianna Clarke

5 Questions with Diana Clarke

Poet Ada Limón is in awe of trees

Poet Ada Limon is in Awe of Trees

Scribd Coach author Esther Kurtz on how to get creative

Scribd Coach Author Esther Kurtz on How to Get Creative

5 questions with Sonali Dev

5 Questions with Sonali Dev

Gaby Dunn is over bad money advice

Gaby Dunn is Over Bad Money Advice

5 questions with Joseph Cassara

5 Questions with Joseph Cassara

5 questions with Dean Atta

5 Questions with Dean Atta

Entrepreneur Jeremy Fall on imposter syndrome, NFTs, and more

Entrepreneur Jeremy Fall on Imposter Syndrome, NFTs, and More

Scribd Coach author Laura Brassie on how to prevent burnout

Scribd Coach Author Laura Brassie on How to Prevent Burnout

Scribd Coach author Stacie Garland on reshaping your body image

Scribd Coach Author Stacie Garland on Reshaping Your Body Image

5 questions with N.E. Davenport

5 Questions with N.E. Davenport

Lauren Groff on spas, religion, and the importance of laughter

Lauren Groff on Spas, Religion, and the Importance of Laughter

Author Jen Winston on Gender Stereotypes

Author Jen Winston on Gender Stereotypes

Celeste Headlee on her audiobook recording ritual

Celeste Headlee on Her Audiobook Recording Ritual

5 questions with Kate White

5 Questions with Kate White

Scribd Coach author Marie Gervais on how to stop procrastinating

Scribd Coach Author Marie Gervais on How to Stop Procrastinating

5 questions with Jessamine Chan

5 Questions with Jessamine Chan

7 creativity tips from Scribd Coach writer Esther Kurtz

7 Creativity Tips from Scribd Coach Writer Esther Kurtz

Chris Gethard on Parenting

Scribd Original Author and Comedian Chris Gethard on Parenting

tips to build stronger relationships with Scribd Coach author Nicole Perry

4 Tips to Build Stronger Relationships with Scribd Coach Author Nicole Perry

Author Amy Morin on how to be mentally strong

Author Amy Morin on How to Be Mentally Strong

Scribd Coach author Sarah Moffat on designing a motivating routine

Scribd Coach Author Sarah Moffat on Designing a Motivating Routine

This is Life Scribd Original authors share books that brought them hope

‘This is Life’ Scribd Original Authors Share Books That Brought Them Hope

Author Matt Fitzgerald on writing rituals and daily routines

Author Matt Fitzgerald on Writing Rituals and Daily Routines

Chuck Palahniuk on the gardens and ghosts of his past

Chuck Palahniuk on the Gardens and Ghosts of His Past

Author Julie Lythcott-Haims on what it means to be an adult

Author Julie Lythcott-Haims on What it Means to Be an Adult

The favorite books of 10 famous authors

The Favorite Books of 10 Famous Authors

Polynesia dreaming

Polynesia Dreaming

Margaret Atwood on her writing process, heretics, and more

Margaret Atwood on Her Writing Process, Heretics, and More

Kaitlyn Greenidge on the joys of sex

Kaitlyn Greenidge on the Joys of Sex

Leigh Bardugo answers fans’ questions about ‘Shadow and Bone’

Leigh Bardugo Answers Fans’ Questions About “Shadow and Bone”

Kurt Eichenwald on the deadly lies spread by anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield

Kurt Eichenwald on the Deadly Lies Spread by Anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield

A conversation with Richard Russo, and Rick Russo

A Conversation with Richard Russo, and Rick Russo


Bonnie Tsui on How to Survive Swimming with Sharks (real and Metaphorical)


Charles Yu on Climate Change, the Future of Humanity, and More


Elizabeth Berg on Life in Uncertain Times, the Joys of Porch Sitting, and More


Myriam Gurba on Writing to the Deceased, Amplifying Marginalized Voices, and More


Poetry, Landscapes, and Loss


Todd Balf on Adapting to Disability, Living in Turbulent Times, and the Benefits of Being Stubborn


Jared Diamond on Home Run Hits, Baseball Traditions, and More


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Our First Scribd Original: Mueller’s War

Our First Scribd Original: Mueller’s War