We believe in the power of the written (and spoken) word. Reading is a lifestyle we live and breathe. Here, you’ll discover stories about the joys of reading, the health benefits that come from reading, and the culture surrounding this way of life.

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5 best audiobook apps for avid listeners

5 Best Audiobook Apps for Avid Listeners

7 tips for how to read more books, even when you’re busy

7 Tips for How to Read More Books, Even When You’re Busy

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6 Tips for How to Save Money on Books

How to read 100 books a year: 7 tips to tackle your TBR

How to Read 100 Books a Year: 7 Tips to Tackle Your TBR

6 signs it’s time to stop reading that book (and that’s OK)

6 Signs It’s Time to Stop Reading That Book (and That’s OK)


Is it Better to Read in the Morning or at Night?

Quiz: What book genre should I read?

Quiz: What Book Genre Should I Read?


5 Reasons to Join a Book Club (and How to Find Yours)

9 book club questions for ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeannette Walls

9 Book Club Questions for ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeannette Walls

8 book club questions for ‘The Dutch House’ by Ann Patchett

8 Book Club Questions for ‘The Dutch House’ by Ann Patchett

9 book club questions for ‘Anxious People’ by Fredrik Backman

9 Book Club Questions for ‘Anxious People’ by Fredrik Backman


3 Surprising Benefits of Rereading Books

5 ways to get out of a reading slump

5 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Slump

What your audiobook listening speed says about you

What Your Audiobook Listening Speed Says About You

5 ways AI will change your reading life

5 Ways AI Will Change Your Reading Life

7 incredible benefits of reading with your kids

7 Incredible Benefits of Reading with Your Kids

7 different reading challenges that encourage more reading

7 Different Reading Challenges That Encourage More Reading

Quiz: When is your ideal time to read?

Quiz: When is Your Ideal Time to Read?

8 ways to develop a reading habit

8 Ways to Develop a Reading Habit

5 rules for gifting books this holiday season

5 Rules for Gifting Books This Holiday Season

Presents for all the readers on your list

Presents for All the Readers on Your List

Picture books, graphic novels, and comics are on the rise

Picture Books, Graphic Novels, and Comics Are on the Rise

Why a pop-up book club is best for busy readers

Why a Pop-up Book Club is Best for Busy Readers

5 author-owned bookstores worth a visit

5 Author-owned Bookstores Worth a Visit

Get ready to embark on a reading vacation

Get Ready to Embark on a Reading Vacation

The life-changing power of a daily reading habit

The Life-changing Power of a Daily Reading Habit

How books can help us change the world

How Books Can Help Us Change the World

Why Greek mythology books are still trending

Why Greek Mythology Books Are Still Trending

4 common book club pitfalls and their solutions

4 Common Book Club Pitfalls and Their Solutions

5 reasons why you should read outside

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Outside

What nobody tells you about picking an audiobook

What Nobody Tells You About Picking an Audiobook

5 ways to have the best reading experience

5 Ways to Have the Best Reading Experience

The magic of setting a timer for reading

The Magic of Setting a Timer for Reading

Author Jen Winston on Gender Stereotypes

Author Jen Winston on Gender Stereotypes

What to know about banned and challenged books

What to Know About Banned and Challenged Books

How to get back into a reading routine after a break

How to Get Back Into a Reading Routine After a Break

How to set a New Year’s reading intention

How to Set a New Year’s Reading Intention

5 tips for starting a book collection

5 Tips for Starting a Book Collection

Expert advice on choosing the right book for your book club

Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Book for Your Book Club

Book-reading traditions to celebrate the holidays

Book-reading Traditions to Celebrate the Holidays

Why reading can make you a better person

Why Reading Can Make You a Better Person

Should you listen to or read your next book?

Should You Listen to or Read Your Next Book?

Which type of book is better for your brain

Which Type of Book is Better for Your Brain?

4 big reasons reading helps you sleep better

4 Big Reasons Reading Helps You Sleep Better

7 unexpected brain benefits of reading

7 Unexpected Brain Benefits of Reading

The favorite books of 10 famous authors

The Favorite Books of 10 Famous Authors

How to choose a good book when there are so many options

How to Choose a Good Book When There Are so Many Options

Reading is the self-care we need right now

Reading is the Self-care We Need Right Now

15 Inspiring Quotes From Authors About the Power of Reading

15 Inspiring Quotes from Authors About the Power of Reading

20 Literary Instagram accounts to fill your feed with books

20 Literary Instagram Accounts to Fill Your Feed with Books