Introducing Scribd Originals: A New Way to Connect Readers with Exclusive Content from Bestselling Authors

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Today, we’re excited to introduce Scribd Originals, an original content program that will publish new and experimental works from top authors, including Roxane Gay, Hilton Als, Peter Heller, Mark Seal, Paul Theroux, and Garrett Graff.

Scribd Originals are ambitious pieces that span across genres and are perfect for readers who are interested in freely exploring new topics. Originals are uniquely suited for an unlimited subscription reading service: They thrive in the space between magazines and full-length books, and often don’t have a place in the traditional publishing marketplace. These pieces will be available to read exclusively on Scribd in both ebook and audiobook format.

“We’re expanding the limits of what a reading subscription service can be and thinking creatively about the limitless possibilities of a digital reading experience,” said Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd. “Working with authors and giving them the freedom to tell stories in new and interesting ways is a natural next step for Scribd. We want to help authors engage with more readers by producing binge-worthy Originals that fit readers’ interests and can often be read in one sitting.”

“Scribd has a unique history of working closely with publishers,” Adler added. “Through the Scribd Originals program, our goal is to deepen these relationships by championing the short-story space and helping publishers maintain momentum for authors while they’re between major releases.”

Through Originals, Scribd aims to work directly with authors and publishers to help attract readers outside of traditional book releases. The major benefit of the program for authors lies in Scribd’s personalized recommendation engine, which connects readers with new content based on their expressed interests, past reads, and favorite books and authors.

Scribd Originals will take the form of entirely new content or extensions of existing short-form works that an author feels are deserving of more attention. Authors are free to experiment with stories they might want to expand into full books, movies, and tv series down the road. Additionally, authors are free from the scheduling constraints of a traditional publication, enabling them to share their works on a much shorter timeline and creating a place for both long-harbored, evergreen plots to take shape, as well as more newsworthy topics to be explored in greater depth.

The first Scribd Original is a brilliant and timely piece from the preeminent Robert Mueller expert, Garrett Graff, called Mueller’s War. It offers a revealing look at the special counsel who was at the center of a political firestorm for the last two years, and how his time as a Marine shaped his definition of honor and duty.