Scribd launches on Apple Watch

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We are thrilled to announce that, with more than 1 million downloads in the iOS app store, Scribd is now available on Apple Watch. As of today, Scribd brings its vast audiobook library right to your wrist.

With this new functionality, you can access Scribd audiobooks straight from your watch, making it easier than ever to enjoy audio content on the go, while doing day-to-day activities.

The application supports standalone streaming so you can listen to audiobooks from your library over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection without needing to be tethered to your iPhone. Audio can be streamed directly from the watch to connected Bluetooth headphones or external speakers.

New and exciting features of the Scribd app for Apple Watch include:

  • Playback for audio titles from the saved lists: Users will be able to access saved titles from their watch (located in the Saved section), and will be able to quickly see and access the currently playing title (in the “Now Playing” section at the top of the list), or see their most recently played title (in the “Recently Played” section).

  • Playback controls: The Scribd audio player on Apple Watch provides easy access to playback controls including play, pause, skip forward or back, and volume, as well as access to other functions such as sleep timer and playback speed (from 0.8x to 2x).

  • Streaming to connected Bluetooth headphones or external speakers

Standalone streaming requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or later, with watchOS 6.0+ (watchOS 7+ recommended) and a cellular or Wi-Fi connection — as well as the latest Scribd app installed on their iPhone.

“The expansion of the Scribd app to the Apple Watch device adds yet another way for our loyal listeners to enjoy their favorite audio content,” said Meghan Cochran, Vice President of Product for Scribd. “We believe this expansion of accessibility is a great step forward for our users, and with more and more people spending time outside and on-the-go, the timing of this launch couldn't be better.”

The Scribd app for Apple Watch is now available globally in the iOS app store. It is available in all of Scribd’s supported languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Indonesian, Romanian, and Russian.