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Readers Write: Amid Gaza War, Preserving Humanity
Kudos on getting the humanitarian story in the article “With food and shelter scarce in Gaza, Palestinians turn to each other” from the Nov. 6 Weekly. It is so unfortunate that the majority of Palestinians who are suffering under Hamas are unable to
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In A Return To Forgotten Lands, Young Farmers Go Small, Demand Less
For Rute Gabriel and Pipo Vieira, it was the tomato plant on their 25th-floor balcony in Toronto that convinced them to return home.  The couple, sweethearts ever since high school in this Portuguese region of stone-fenced fields and olive groves, we
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For One Swiss Family, A Life Spent On The River
Pan Thurneysen, tanned, lean, and ponytailed, bends over the side of the vessel he helms, one of the four small current-powered rope ferries that ply the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland. He’s scooping a bowl of water for a boarding passenger – some
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The Thorny Fight To Save Mount Kenya’s Ancient Forests
When Shikuku Willy Ooko was in his early 20s, he was deeply taken with the Afro-Alpine forests of central Kenya. So much so that he decided to buy 15 acres of woodland adjacent to Mount Kenya National Park & Reserve, in the small market town of Naro
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How Honesty Fuels Nigeria
The world spends almost 10% of global economic output on keeping fossil fuel costs artificially low for consumers, according to the International Monetary Fund. Economists have warned for decades that these energy subsidies do far more harm than good
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War Stranded Gaza Workers In Israel. How It Dashed Their Dreams.
They pace the spartan hotel lobby, moving back and forth between the faux leather couches. They all seem to be in a hurry, but with nowhere to go – holding phones, anxiously awaiting yet dreading the next call. These unplanned guests – Palestinian re
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Congress Sets Precedent By Expelling Rep. George Santos
Rep. George Santos, a New York Republican who won election last fall on what was later revealed to be a largely fabricated biography, today became only the sixth member of the House of Representatives ever to be expelled from Congress. He’s also the
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Is Cryptocurrency Enabling Hamas? Efforts To Halt Terror Funding Revive.
The Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza has pushed into the limelight an issue that’s been seething on the back burner for nearly a decade: the funding networks for terrorism. Now, U.S. and other Western government watchdogs, legislators, and others have r
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Everything She Did Made History: Sandra Day O’Connor’s Legacy
Although the United States was founded, as John Adams once said, to be “a government of laws and not of men,” for more than two centuries it was almost exclusively men who wrote and interpreted those laws. That was until Sandra Day O’Connor, raised o
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Bring Your Appetite: Wiseman’s Latest Film Is A Feast For The Eyes
Frederick Wiseman’s “Menus-Plaisirs – Les Troisgros” is a four-hour documentary about a legendary French restaurant, Le Bois sans Feuilles, in the bucolic Loire countryside. I wasn’t bored for a moment. To call it “immersive” is an understatement. Fo
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DeSantis Vs. Newsom: How Florida And California Really Stack Up
Which state is doing better? That question is in the spotlight tonight as the governors of Florida and California – one red state and one blue state – go head to head in a nationally televised debate on Fox News. They’re actually Sun Belt states with
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readInternational Relations
How 20th-century Laws Of War Apply Amid 21st-century Crises
If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already aware that Monitor writers around the world strive not just to report the news but also to convey the human stories underneath – and the human values that so often animate them. Now, however, two maj
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As Protests Continue, Cities Juggle Speech And Safety Concerns
It was a frosty night in midtown Manhattan, and Rue, a nursing student from Brooklyn, had joined hundreds of mostly young pro-Palestinian demonstrators, some clad in black-and-white keffiyeh scarves, waving flags and homemade signs. The occasion was
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In Greece, Iconic Olive Crop Becomes A Climate Change Front Line
The olive tree, according to Greek mythology, was created by Athena, the goddess of wisdom, as a gift to the people of her namesake city, Athens. Olives and olive oil have become synonymous with Greece, and are credited, in part, with fueling the ris
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Amid Palestinian Joy For Freed Prisoners Lies Concern It Will Be Short-lived
Nihaya Abu Al-Humus hugged and kissed her 17-year-old son, Muhammed, over and over again in the family room of their east Jerusalem home as if she hadn’t seen him in a lifetime. “This is the dream I prayed for,” said Ms. Abu Al-Humus, cradling her so
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How Lab-grown Diamonds Are Reshaping This Western India City
In a warren of narrow lanes in western India, almost every man carries a paper pouch in his pocket full of glittering diamonds. Among them is Nagji Rawal. Back at his shop, the diamond broker sits cross-legged with a velvet jewelry tray perched on hi
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‘We Are Creatures Built For Joy’: Dispatches From A Nature Lover
When the urgencies of life give way to rare moments of reflection, many of us look to nature for inspiration – birds at the feeder, darting squirrels, the slow arc of a sunflower bending toward the sky.  Essayist Margaret Renkl captures the experienc
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Rising Seas, Rising Compassion
Every time the world gathers to measure its progress in addressing climate change, doubts and hopes collide. The annual United Nations climate conference that started today in Dubai is no different. It will showcase new advances in technology but und
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Americans Need Help With Child Care. One Solution Is Catching On In Maine.
From the outside, the light peeking through a window of the modest one-story home provides the only clue the day has begun at Kingfield Kinder Care.  Inside, Jackie Lobdell dotes on the children already in her care. She serves bite-size grapes and ci
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Growing Mighty: How A Jamaican Author Created A Freer Life
At the outset of her searing memoir, “How to Say Babylon,” Safiya Sinclair writes that her upbringing in a strict Rastafarian household in Montego Bay, Jamaica, involved “[watching] the men in my family grow mighty while the women shrunk.” But Sincla
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readAmerican Government
In New York Fraud Trial, Trump Defense Goes On Offense
Former President Donald Trump substantially lost his civil fraud trial in New York before it even began. Prior to the start of testimony, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that evidence showed Mr. Trump and other defendants were guilty of the core charge in
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readWorld
A Chance To Grow: How China And A British Town Are Sowing Seeds
Canada’s Supreme Court is majority-female for the first time. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose Mary Moreau to replace a retiring justice, giving the court five female and four male members. Ms. Moreau most recently served as chief justice of Alber
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In Pictures: In Lebanon, The Art Of Resistance Endures
Rarely have so many Lebanese turned out on the streets to demand wholesale political change as when they began their self-declared “October Revolution” of 2019. And rarely has there been so little positive result. In recent years, Lebanon has been en
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The Transforming Power Of A Thank-you Note
I recently came across a Nov. 22, 2022, Monitor cover story by Harry Bruinius titled “Love and Connection: The transforming power of a thank-you note.” He described a woman who celebrated her 50th birthday by hand-writing a letter once a week for the
The Christian Science Monitor4 min read
A Rough Patch On The Road To An Electric Car Future
American flags are flapping. Red, white, and blue banners in the lot urge customers to consider “New car” and “SUV.” And electric vehicles? Not so much. “Come back in a few months, and we’ll have a story to tell,” says Dominic Policella, general sale
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Gaza Truce As A Marker For Peace
Long before the Hamas attack on Israel in early October, the small nation of Qatar was busy overcoming big challenges. Like many other oil-rich Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, it was devising solutions to climate-driven water scarcity, a demograp
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readInternational Relations
Israel-Hamas: The Harder Hostage Negotiations Still To Come
Both Israelis and Palestinians have reveled in the results of the temporary cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In its initial four days, the pause in fighting paved the way for the release of 50 civilian Israeli hostages by Hamas,
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They Can’t All Be Scrooge: How Holiday Films Shine
Twenty years ago, a pair of Christmas movies made cash registers ring like jingle bells. In “Elf,” a human raised by elves searches for his father in New York City. “Love Actually” came out a week later. The British megahit, nicknamed “Loathe Actuall
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On Farm Near Gaza, Rescuing A Crop Today While Thinking Of Tomorrow
Inside the sand-colored, 3-acre greenhouse less than 3 miles from the Israel-Gaza border, within earshot of the war, an army of volunteers snips garlands of red-ripe tomatoes from towering vines, placing them in bright pink plastic crates. As they pe
The Christian Science Monitor2 min readInternational Relations
A Mind For Peace In Africa
In recent years, Africa seems to have reverted to a tattered script of military coups, corruption, and civil wars. Yet that troubled surface masks a deeper ferment. From one society to another, Africans are charting pathways out of intractable confli
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