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A House Vote That Breaks The Narrative
Almost as soon as the presidential primaries began in January, one narrative of this election year in the United States was dominant: that Americans merely faced a rematch between a current and a former president that most said they did not want. Yet
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How Global Innovators Design A Sustainable Future
The sustainable village of the future, if Martina Wiedemar and Joao Almeida have any say about it, will have solar panels, earthen buildings, and an eco-friendly agroforest, a form of regenerative agriculture that mimics nature to produce climate-fri
The Christian Science Monitor3 min readCrime & Violence
Here Are The Three Keys To Trump’s Defense In Hush Money Lawsuit
Manhattan prosecutors have long telegraphed how they’ll frame their historic criminal case against former President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels, prosecutors allege, to keep her from selling the story of their s
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Israel, Gaza, And The ‘Power Of Human Existence’
What does it mean to live in a war zone? For those of us who have never woken up to bomb blasts or endured missile strikes, it’s nearly impossible to imagine. Sure, we’ve seen battle footage and read accounts of the devastation and grief left behind.
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Charting The Rise Of Plastic Pollution – And Solutions
Plastic is nearly everywhere.  Scientists have detected microplastics from the peak of Mount Everest and the depths of the Marianas Trench to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The challenge for humanity, then, is how to clean up our own mess
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readCrime & Violence
Can Cities Criminalize Camping? Here’s What To Know About Supreme Court Case.
Can communities make it a crime to sleep outside? That question lies at the heart of a case being heard at the Supreme Court Monday. Everyone involved in the case, City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, agrees that homelessness is a complex problem gripping
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Despite Dip In Election Trust, Indians Trek Miles To Cast Their Ballots
Mohammad Rafiq Sheikh took his time casting his ballot this morning in the northern Indian town of Ramban. After pressing the button for his party on the electronic voting machine (EVM), he carefully waited to hear the machine’s beep tone, and then t
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readInternational Relations
In West Bank, Wave Of Settler Violence Creating Feel Of A War Zone
After years of scattered pinpoint attacks, Israeli settler violence this week enveloped the West Bank and struck larger communities. From Nablus to Jericho to Bethlehem to the edge of Ramallah, deadly attacks by far-right settlers hit towns and villa
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On Columbine Anniversary, A Nation Divided Over Guns
A quarter century after a tragic school shooting in Columbine, Colorado, shook the nation, America is as awash in guns as ever, and as divided over them, too. Here in Kennesaw, Georgia, owning guns is literally a rite of citizenship.  When Johnny Dow
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Maasai Women Are Told To Stay Home. These Rangers Fight Poachers Instead.
The breakthrough was a bottle of water. For three days, wildlife ranger Everlyne Merishi had been embedded with a group of Maasai morans, or hunters. It was mid-2023, and they were searching for lions that had killed several of their cattle near this
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Holy Days During Unholy Wars
Despite nearly seven months of war between Hamas and Israel, and lately attacks between Iran and Israel, both Jews and Muslims living in Israel have not forgotten their religious holidays – and the meaning attached to them by prayer and ritual. On M
The Christian Science Monitor5 min read
In Pivotal India Elections, A Once-radical Ideology Could Propel Modi To A Third Term
Ramesh Singh had been waiting for this day for five years. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it a tradition to kick off general election campaigns in Mr. Singh’s city, and this year was no different. So the sugarcane farmer joined the ador
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How To Stop ‘Forever Chemicals’ From Lasting, Well, Forever
Long before the Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules this month about “forever chemicals” in drinking water, officials in the state of Vermont knew there was a problem. Regulators there began looking into PFAS – shorthand for synthetic
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‘We Grown Now’ Review: Amid Gritty Chicago Reality, Two Friends Embrace Childhood
Years ago I reviewed a movie set in a gang-ridden Black neighborhood in Los Angeles. I wrote that its portrayal of a young girl, whose innocence was undimmed by all the violence, seemed unbelievable. Not long after the review ran, I was invited to be
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Rifts In Both Parties As Congress Weighs Aid To Ukraine, Israel
Rep. Jared Golden knows firsthand the toll of war. The Maine Democrat fought as a Marine infantryman in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he’s in the midst of a different battle, a political one. Congress is preparing to vote on sending U.S. aid to alli
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The Monitor’s 10 Best New Books Of April
Real Americans, by Rachel Khong Rachel Khong’s dazzling second novel probes issues of class, race, genetics, and identity. Her gripping narrative encompasses several love stories, political repression, the promise and limits of science, and the rever
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readInternational Relations
Can Israel Embrace America’s Vision Of A ‘New Middle East’?
It’s decision time for Israel. And the question it faces goes beyond the immediate challenge of how to hit back against Iran’s barrage of missiles and drones last weekend. It is a choice about Israel’s future relations with its Mideast neighbors and
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The Joy In Mexico’s Election
Every now and then, an election draws back a curtain, revealing a society striving toward its higher ideals. Mexico is in the middle of such revelation. On June 2, voters will elect a new president, Congress, and thousands of local officials. Their t
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readInternational Relations
Ukraine Is Trying To Rally New Troops. Vets Say Weapons Are More Urgent.
While Ukraine’s tired service members wait for military aid from the West amid increased attacks from Russia, they received some welcome news this week. On Tuesday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed new measures into law that are intended to boost
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Only 70 People Lived On The Island Of Gavdos. Then Migrant Boats Started To Arrive.
A tawny smudge on the blue horizon of the Mediterranean, it is the southernmost point of Europe, a sun-baked outpost of deserted beaches, gnarled juniper trees, and flocks of shaggy goats. The tiny Greek island of Gavdos, which lies to the south of C
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OK, She’s Worth $1 Billion, But Can Taylor Swift Write Poetry? We Ask The Experts.
Taylor Swift almost eclipsed the eclipse.  During the moon’s astronomical photobomb of the sun on April 8, the songwriter posted an update to Instagram. Her video reel featured a typewriter hammering out the words, “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips.
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In Northern Gaza, Famine Sets In: ‘We Will Eat Anything’
Searching the sky, or in the fields, even on the streets, residents of the northern Gaza Strip are constantly looking for food – and finding little. When Ahmed Sawafiri isn’t chasing after parachuted aid packages, the photojournalist and father of se
The Christian Science Monitor7 min read
Schools And An Immigrant Influx: What It Takes To Educate All Children
The girl with the ponytail and overalls has four favorite sports. “Fútbol, básquet, béisbol, y fútbol americano,” she tells her class in Spanish, seated in a circle on a rug.  A new teacher at Eagleton Elementary in Denver tells the class it will pra
The Christian Science Monitor2 min readInternational Relations
Replenishing Ukraine
In his travels around Ukraine and abroad, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy often relies on a theme of ceaseless replenishment. His country, of course, needs more arms and money from the West. Just as critical is a need to mobilize more people into the m
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readAmerican Government
How Biden And Trump Compare On Border Crossings And Immigration
Immigration ranks in several major polls as the No. 1 national concern for voters leading into this year’s U.S. presidential election. That amplifies the question, how does the rate of illegal immigration under President Joe Biden compare with that u
The Christian Science Monitor4 min read
Pay Was Starting To Outpace US Inflation. Can It Keep Up?
Stubborn inflation is not only upsetting investors, who are hoping for interest rate cuts; it’s also threatening to undermine one of the most positive trends in the U.S. economy: the rise in workers’ real wages. Real – or inflation-adjusted – pay too
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Good News Around The Globe: Pulling Up Concrete And Putting Solar On Renters’ Roofs
During the 2022-2023 school year in Oklahoma, 3,314 students from elementary to high school took part in an Indigenous-language program, a threefold increase from two years prior. Oklahoma schools, which enroll at least 158,000 Native American studen
The Christian Science Monitor4 min read
‘Stay Gold, Ponyboy’ ... Set To Music? ‘The Outsiders’ Comes To Broadway.
S.E. Hinton’s classic novel, “The Outsiders” has been read by generations of American teens. The nearly 60-year-old story was turned into an iconic 1983 movie starring Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, and Ralph Macchio. Its narrative chops and cultural c
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Listening While On The Stump
For many voters around the world, trusting an election result matters almost more than who wins. A December poll in the United States, for example, showed that a large majority of Republicans and Democrats worry about inaccurate or misleading electio
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readInternational Relations
Israel’s Retaliation Dilemma: Listen To Its Instincts, Or Its Allies?
As explosive drones and missiles flew toward Israeli skies late Saturday night in an unprecedented attack launched from Iranian soil, the decision before Israel’s government seemed straightforward – and in line with both Israel’s mindset and military
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