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Readers Write: Looking For The Good
How delightful is the article “In Ecuador, they all scream for ice cream” in the Jan. 15 Weekly! Ecuador has recently gained the mass media’s attention only because of the explosion of violence, which many attribute to illicit drug trade.   While it
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Scoundrels, As Well As Heroes, Shaped America’s Founding
America’s founders are revered figures, but in recent decades scholars have sought to present a fuller picture of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton, exploring their blind spots and flaws in addition to their achieve
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On California Ballot: Housing’s Role In Addressing Mental Illness
A soft knock on her office door interrupts Olga Recendez, the administrator of a group home for adults with severe mental illness. She rises from her desk and opens the door to find a resident holding artwork: It’s an outline of a cat, loosely colore
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In Gaza, Is Palestinian History Repeating Itself?
As he focuses on surviving 2024, Mohammed Lubbad cannot get another date out of his mind: 1948. Sitting outside his house in Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, which is now home to dozens of his displaced relatives, Abu Ayman, as he is known to family an
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‘Healing Spaces’ In Post-conflict Societies
Societies emerging from conflict sometimes seek to rebuild on foundations of accountability and forgiveness. Many set up formal commissions to promote reconciliation through truth-telling and mercy. Such “transitional justice,” however, often depends
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Uncertain But Undeterred: Young Senegalese Prepare To Vote
It’s just after 6 p.m. on a recent Wednesday evening, and the streets of this working-class suburb of Dakar roar with life. Buses and taxis heave to a stop at busy intersections, disgorging crowds of commuters. Cooks in local restaurants race to prep
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‘Expecting Goodness To Prevail,’ Journalists Clean Up Poland’s State Media
When the right-wing Law and Justice party came to power in Poland in 2016, Maciej Czajkowski lost everything. Then one of the most senior editors working in state television, he was swept out the door with all the other journalists committed to impar
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The Unexpected Bounty Of Winter Gardening
The other day I was up in my apple tree, pruning away under a slate-gray sky with more snow in the forecast. A neighbor slowly drove by, stopped, examined me, and shook her head with a hint of disapproval before continuing on, as if to say, “Doesn’t
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Is A President Above The Law? Supreme Court To Decide
Former President Donald Trump still faces legal perils on the path to November’s election. But the Supreme Court may have just removed one of the largest such obstacles in his way. By agreeing to consider Mr. Trump’s claim that presidents have absolu
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Preserving Culture, One Textile At A Time
Two dozen artisans crouch over hand looms threaded with bright-orange and sky-blue cottons. Their fingers nimbly create a jamdani, an intricately woven sari dating back to the Mughal Empire. Decades ago, this workshop on the Shitalakshya River, east
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In The Wake Of Teen’s Death, Why LGBTQ+ Oklahomans Say They Stay
Oklahoma is home, but Nico Fedelle often finds himself daydreaming about other possibilities. What if he lived somewhere like Portland, Oregon, where he saw an LGBTQ+ couple publicly holding hands? What if he didn’t lose business because of his gende
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The Oyster Is Your World
Last year, the world’s largest offshore wind developer, Ørsted of Denmark, began work with the World Wildlife Fund to prove a point: that restoration of reefs in Denmark’s North Sea can bring back lost populations of oysters and horse mussels – and c
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Why Europe’s Ambitious Green Deal Hinges On Farmers
The growl of diesel-powered tractors, the stench of burning tires, manure sprayed at police. This week, in the normally staid Belgian capital of Brussels, months of protests by farmers across the 27-nation European Union became something much closer
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Biden Versus Trump: Will Texas Visits Reframe Border Blame Game?
President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump made dueling visits to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, each trying to shape the narrative on what’s become the biggest issue of the 2024 campaign. Illegal crossings have hit historic highs on
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Enduring Message Of Nonviolence Reaches New Audiences
Clarence B. Jones is preaching nonviolence.  At 93, this civil rights pioneer, who helped the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. write his “I Have a Dream” speech, is still combating hate. But these days, instead of leading protest meetings, Mr. Jones is re
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‘Dune: Part Two’: Sandworms, Slick Villains, And A Would-be Savior
Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two” arrives almost 2 1/2 years after its predecessor came out in the thick of the pandemic. Although “Dune” was simultaneously available for viewing online, the opportunity for many to witness an intergalactic epic on
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In France, A New Prescription For Mental Health: Museum Visits
Tucked in the back of the Palais de Tokyo, a sweeping modern art museum in Paris, is a large studio. Called Le Hamo, like the French word for hamlet, it is just like its homophone – cozy and inviting. Wormlike ceramic shelving shows off amateur artwo
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A Light For Postwar Gaza, Israel
Those making plans for restoring postwar Gaza, as well as Israeli border communities destroyed in the Oct. 7 attack, do not need to look long for ideas. After many wars and disasters, people have created opportunities for recovery, shifting the focus
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Do Female Fans Belong In Stadiums? Can Mobile-home Owners Own The Land?
Co-ops are providing more housing security and climate resilience for mobile-home owners. Manufactured homes house over 22 million Americans and are one of the country’s largest sources of affordable housing. But with the rise in lot rents – what res
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Tough Texas Immigration Law Nears. Residents Have Questions.
At the edge of the Texas-Mexico border last week, beneath the shade of towering trees, immigrant advocates convened in a Brownsville park to protest a new state law. “No SB4!” they chanted, rallying in English and Spanish, calling the bill “anti-immi
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Treaty On Pandemics: Why Nations Seek It. Why It’s So Hard.
In the wake of the pandemic, there was a widespread feeling of urgency, a question of, how could we do better next time? The World Health Organization sought to use that moment to come up with a plan for more unified global action – not just for resp
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An Indie Publisher Finds Its Future – With A Public Library
The City of Angels is known for glitz and glamour, palm trees, celebrity sightings, and fairy-tale fantasies. But Angelenos recognize a deeper creative spirit, found in its eclectic and diverse neighborhoods, where stories of resilience are illuminat
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The 10 Best Books Of February Reckon With The Past – And Present
Float Up, Sing Down, by Laird Hunt In Laird Hunt’s collection of stories, residents of an Indiana farming community in 1982 go about their routines, with secrets and regrets roiling beneath the surface. “Things grew where they grew and flew where the
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Justice Without Borders: Gambians Fight Dictator’s Impunity From Afar
Deyda Hydara had just turned his blue Mercedes onto a dark dirt road lined with factories when a beat-up yellow taxi with no license plates suddenly appeared behind him, flashing its lights. It was 10 p.m. on Dec. 16, 2004, and the renowned journalis
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Lights On, But Trust Off. Texas Tries To Rebuild Confidence In Grid.
Before February 2021, few Texans knew the minute details of how electricity flowed through the state. Then, just before Valentine’s Day that year, the flow stopped. A massive winter storm swept through Texas, triggering blackouts in millions of homes
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Look Who’s Saving European Democracies
Poland, which was the pioneer in eroding the Soviet empire during the 1980s, was rewarded last week for being a pioneer in rolling back an authoritarian trend within Europe. The executive branch of the European Union announced that Poland would start
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Too Many California Kids Can’t Read. Phonics Alone May Not Be The Fix.
Every minute counts in the quest to turn children into readers. That’s why Joshua Elementary School’s principal, Lorraine Zapata, guards a door shortly after 8 a.m. She stops each student crossing the threshold and asks for a handshake. As Ms. Zapata
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Biden Should Drop Out! No, He Shouldn’t! Debate Rages.
With no major challenger for his party’s nomination, President Joe Biden might have expected to be coasting through the primary season right now. Instead, he’s facing loud calls from various thought leaders – including prominent liberals – to drop ou
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Meet Sora: AI-created Videos Test Public Trust
In a world where artificial intelligence can conjure up fake photos and videos, it’s getting hard to know what to believe. Will photos of crime-scene evidence or videos of authoritarian crackdowns, such as China’s Tiananmen Square or police brutality
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Peaceful Steps To Defang Gangs
For Caribbean leaders gathering this week to discuss how to end rule by gangs in Haiti, a lesson might be found from a truce brokered in Mexico between warring drug cartels over the weekend: The best solution may lie in discerning the motives of thos
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