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OK, She’s Worth $1 Billion, But Can Taylor Swift Write Poetry? We Ask The Experts.
Taylor Swift almost eclipsed the eclipse.  During the moon’s astronomical photobomb of the sun on April 8, the songwriter posted an update to Instagram. Her video reel featured a typewriter hammering out the words, “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips.
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How Biden And Trump Compare On Border Crossings And Immigration
Immigration ranks in several major polls as the No. 1 national concern for voters leading into this year’s U.S. presidential election. That amplifies the question, how does the rate of illegal immigration under President Joe Biden compare with that u
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Doris Kearns Goodwin recalls 1960s idealism in ‘An Unfinished Love Story’
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin worked for Lyndon B. Johnson early in her career. First, as a 24-year-old graduate student at Harvard, she won a spot in the prestigious White House Fellows program. Then, after Johnson’s presiden
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Israel’s Retaliation Dilemma: Listen To Its Instincts, Or Its Allies?
As explosive drones and missiles flew toward Israeli skies late Saturday night in an unprecedented attack launched from Iranian soil, the decision before Israel’s government seemed straightforward – and in line with both Israel’s mindset and military
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Listening While On The Stump
For many voters around the world, trusting an election result matters almost more than who wins. A December poll in the United States, for example, showed that a large majority of Republicans and Democrats worry about inaccurate or misleading electio
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‘Stay Gold, Ponyboy’ ... Set To Music? ‘The Outsiders’ Comes To Broadway.
S.E. Hinton’s classic novel, “The Outsiders” has been read by generations of American teens. The nearly 60-year-old story was turned into an iconic 1983 movie starring Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, and Ralph Macchio. Its narrative chops and cultural c
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Good News Around The Globe: Pulling Up Concrete And Putting Solar On Renters’ Roofs
During the 2022-2023 school year in Oklahoma, 3,314 students from elementary to high school took part in an Indigenous-language program, a threefold increase from two years prior. Oklahoma schools, which enroll at least 158,000 Native American studen
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Pay Was Starting To Outpace US Inflation. Can It Keep Up?
Stubborn inflation is not only upsetting investors, who are hoping for interest rate cuts; it’s also threatening to undermine one of the most positive trends in the U.S. economy: the rise in workers’ real wages. Real – or inflation-adjusted – pay too
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Why Many In Iran Root For Israel
This past weekend, when Iran attacked Israel directly for the first time, reaction among Iranians was not exactly what the regime in Tehran expected. Yes, many people rushed to buy gasoline and food, fearing a wider war. Some expressed a deep dread o
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Should You Trust The Monitor? We Asked One Media Watchdog To Audit Us.
We know identifying responsible, credible journalism in a sea of agenda-driven messages and misinformation can be exhausting and overwhelming. As people who study trust in news and train journalists to demonstrate credibility, we believe all people s
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Large, Long, And Expensive: What To Know About India’s Big Election
Nearly a billion people are eligible to vote in India’s general election, which begins Friday and lasts for more than a month. It will be the largest democratic election in human history. Facing off are the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by
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In Words And Deeds, US Seeks Israeli Restraint After Iran’s Attack
For one excruciatingly tense moment in the White House Situation Room, all present from President Joe Biden to Cabinet members and senior aides seated around the large table were holding their breath. As part of its unprecedented aerial attack on Isr
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As Money Moves Digital, Denver Mint Still Coins A Pretty Penny
The furnace glows a toasty 1,314 degrees Fahrenheit. The silvery disks inside aren’t meant to melt, just soften, ahead of being stamped. That’s when they turn from a mix of metals into currency – in this case, quarters. The U.S. Mint at Denver, on av
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Why Trump Criminal Trial Is About More Than Hush Money
It’s often described as “the hush money case.” But former President Donald Trump would not be facing an unprecedented criminal trial – the first ever to involve a past and possibly future chief executive of the United States – if all he had done was
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Two States Warn That Biden May Be Kept Off Their Ballots
The Republican secretaries of state in Ohio and Alabama sent letters to local Democratic party chairs this past week with a warning: President Joe Biden, as the law stands now, won’t appear on their states’ ballots in November. Both secretaries say t
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André 3000 Trades Hip-hop For The Flute – and Still Resonates With Listeners
I was 15 years old when I received my first hip-hop album as a gift – a radio-edited version of “Aquemini,” by Outkast. I was drawn in by an infectious, bass-thumping single that shared the name of a Civil Rights Movement icon, Rosa Parks. Maybe it w
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Hidden Restraints On A Mideast Firestorm
Since Oct. 7, the day that Hamas attacked Israel and triggered a war in Gaza, the world has worried that the conflict might spread and become even more violent. Other proxy militias of Iran, such as the Houthis in Yemen, have launched their own attac
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Japan Is Becoming More Diverse. Will Its Government?
A former swimming instructor from Egypt is helping revive the sleepy mountain town of Shonai, Japan. About 200 miles away, a Canadian polyglot is singing the praises of Tsukuba city. And Orzugul Babakhodjaeva is standing onstage at a food festival ou
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How America Lost Trust In Elections – And Why That Matters
As the United States plunges toward the 2024 presidential vote, it is clear that millions of citizens no longer trust an essential element of American democracy: elections. Electoral trust has been gradually declining in the U.S. for over two decades
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In Arizona And Beyond, An Abortion Uproar Has Republicans Scrambling
When Donald Trump stated early this week that abortion policy should be left to the states – addressing a long-standing question about his stance – the once and possibly future president may have thought the issue was behind him. But it wasn’t to be.
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Bryan Stevenson Q&A: Alabama Park Confronts Difficult History In Sculpture
How should the story of slavery in the United States be told? In Montgomery, Alabama – once a major trafficking port for enslaved people – a new 17-acre park with a focus on art is attracting thousands of visitors. Freedom Monument Sculpture Park, op
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Could MAGA Candidates In Key Swing States Drag Down Trump?
President Joe Biden may have some useful foils in November besides his presumptive opponent, former President Donald Trump: down-ballot “Make America Great Again” Republicans.  With the top of the ticket featuring a rematch between two highly familia
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Europe’s Model On Migration
At a moment when a majority of Americans say illegal immigration is their country’s top problem, Europe has shown them a way forward. On Wednesday, the European Parliament passed major reforms on migration policy that, according to one negotiator, ar
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Ukraine Aid Deadlock Could Threaten Peace In Europe. Does Congress Care?
These are desperate, potentially decisive, days in Ukraine’s battle against Vladimir Putin’s invasion forces. Decisive days on Capitol Hill, too, where House Speaker Mike Johnson this week has been deciding how – and whether – to finesse opposition f
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Terrorists Attacked Moscow. Now Russia’s Migrants Are Feeling The Backlash.
Life in Russia has never been easy, says Gazali Kukanshoyev. But life in his native Tajikistan is much more difficult. That’s why he came to Russia as a student 30 years ago, and after working in various jobs, he eventually acquired citizenship. Now
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Anne Lamott Preaches To Her Choir In ‘Somehow: Thoughts On Love’
Anne Lamott, a self-declared “spiritual ATM,” has long been on a mission to uplift people’s spirits. Her warm personal essays dispense insights into grace, mercy, hope, and faith by combining the profound with the profane, depth with deprecation, and
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‘Women Behind The Wheel’ Punctures The Idea That Driving Meant Freedom
Cars loomed large in Nancy Nichols’ childhood. She grew up in the 1960s and ’70s in Waukegan, Illinois, the daughter of a used-car salesman who apparently fit the worst stereotypes associated with his profession. “My father lied about everything, con
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Snapshots From Gaza: By Sheer Will, Palestinian Women Eke Out A Life
Wafaa Abu Irjilia never dreamed she would become a single mother. Six months ago, she was a housewife, happy to nurture her growing family with her husband, Ahmed – her rock and “strength” – by her side. Now she is a widow raising four children betwe
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How Resilient Care Can Temper A War
Most of the world’s violent conflicts end with either a military victory or a negotiated settlement. That may yet be the case in Sudan, a largely Arab country in Africa where a yearlong civil war between two warring factions has left tens of thousand
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How Portugal Has Largely Avoided Racism And Islamophobia Amid A Migration Boom
Among the warehouses of one of Portugal’s oldest ports, conversations are flowing among the men sorting their fishing nets. But not without the help of Google Translate. The fishers at work include not just Portuguese people but also Indonesians. Tha
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