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Groundbreaking diabetes research 2020 - summary (#18)

Groundbreaking diabetes research 2020 - summary (#18)

FromThe Happy Type One

Groundbreaking diabetes research 2020 - summary (#18)

FromThe Happy Type One

25 minutes
Sep 30, 2020
Podcast episode


This weeks podcast episode is about the annual summit of the “European Association for the Study of Diabetes”. It is one of the largest networks for diabetes experts worldwide! I received a scholarship to join those experts and discuss their latest findings in the field of diabetes. This episode is dedicated to those fascinating findings and an exclusive summary for my listeners!
Listen to groundbreaking diabetes research from around the world and remember
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The topics are:
✨ 1. The effect of lockdown
due to Covid-19
on glycemic control
✨ 2. Current treatments 
and potential clues for a cure 
(The Netherlands)
✨ 3. How diet adjustments 
can improve our life with T1D:
⭐ 3.1 Low-carb
and glycemic control
⭐3.2 Ketogenic diet ?
⭐3.3 Fasting
⭐3.4 Speed of eating matters 
✨ 4. Hypoglycaemia awareness loss
✨ 5. Physical activity as
a key component 
of T1D management
⭐5.1 5 diabetic specific reasons
to exercise
⭐5.2 4 strategies
to prevent hypoglycaemia
(Poland and Canada)

I published a list of all the names of the researchers mentioned in this episode on my website!

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Sep 30, 2020
Podcast episode

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