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Fertility Friday | Fertility Awareness Mastery for Women's Health Professionals

Fertility Friday | Fertility Awareness Mastery for Women's Health Professionals

Fertility Friday | Fertility Awareness Mastery for Women's Health Professionals

285 episodes


Are you ready to uplevel your women's health practice? Welcome to the Fertility Friday Podcast! A podcast designed to empower you to use fertility awareness both personally and professionally. If you are a woman's health professional — and you’re not fully utilizing the menstrual cycle as a vital sign — it's time to change that right away!

Through evidence-based literature reviews, engaging discussions, expert interviews, and compelling client stories, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, FAE, HRHP covers everything from complex menstrual cycle chart interpretation and balancing hormones to overcoming fertility challenges and more. With over 20 years of experience teaching fertility awareness, Lisa combines her real-world expertise with the latest research to ensure you're fully equipped to support your clients.

Lisa's first book, "The Fifth Vital Sign," describes the menstrual cycle as an important vital sign we should pay attention to. Her most recent book, "Real Food for Fertility" (co-authored with Lily Nichols, RDN), explores how a healthy menstrual cycle sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy. With well over 4 million downloads, Fertility Friday is the #1 source for information about fertility awareness and menstrual cycle health.

All women deserve to understand how their bodies work, and if we wait for our education systems to do it we may be waiting forever. It's up to us to be the change we wish to see in the field of women's health. In other words, It's YOUR TURN to bring this essential information to your clients sooner rather than later — they need it now!

Episodes1 - 10 of 285 episodes


[FAMM Practitioner Series] FFP 527 | Overcoming Menorrhagia and Painful Periods | Michelle Agudelo

Find out how Michelle overcame her heavy and painful periods by implementing the FAMM p...

58 minutes
Jun 21, 2024

FFP 526 | Wise Power | Stepping Into Your Perimenopause Power | Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Today’s episode focuses on perimenopause ~ the 10 years before menopause! You’re going ...

60 minutes
Jun 14, 2024

[FAMM Practitioner Series] FFP 525 | Managing Extreme PMS Symptoms | Isobel Ripley

If you or your clients have struggled with PMS symptoms, you’ll love today’s episode wi...

49 minutes
Jun 07, 2024

[FAMM Practitioner Series] FFP 524 | Why Are So Few Women’s Health Professionals Aware of Menstrual Cycle Charting? | Amanda Borucki

When did you first discover fertility awareness? Have you ever wondered why so few wome...

46 minutes
May 31, 2024

[FAMM Practitioner Series] FFP 523 | Overcoming Infertility After 13 Years On The Pill | Clarissa Briones

60 minutes
May 24, 2024

FFP 522 | Does Skipping Breakfast Count As Intermittent Fasting? | FAMM Research Series | Lisa | Fertility Friday

How often do you skip breakfast? Is intermittent fasting a good idea? In today’s FAMM R...

20 minutes
May 17, 2024

FFP 521 | How Often Do Women Ovulate on Day 14? | FAMM Research Series | Lisa | Fertility Friday

How often do women actually ovulate on day 14? Is the menstrual cycle always 28 days? T...

33 minutes
May 10, 2024

FFP 520 | Egg Donation and IVF | Dr. Marc Sklar L.Ac

In today’s episode, we talk all about egg donation. How common is it? Why are so many c...

62 minutes
May 03, 2024

FFP 519 | The Way of Fertility | Michelle Oravitz, L.Ac

Follow this link  to view the full show notes page! This episode is sponsored by Lisa’s...

50 minutes
Apr 26, 2024

FFP 518 | IVF Uncovered | What The Doctors Get Wrong | Tasha Blasi

I could have called today’s episode: “Listen to this before starting your IVF journey!”...

58 minutes
Apr 19, 2024