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Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation: Dissonance, #4
Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation: Dissonance, #4
Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation: Dissonance, #4
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Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation: Dissonance, #4

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About this ebook

"We thought they were angelic messengers. We were wrong."

The creatures arrived on June 6th, 2026, by the hundreds of thousands, silently drifting down out of the sky, hovering at a geostationary orbit for three months all over the planet.  No one knew what they wanted...why they came...or why they wouldn't just go away.

And then, three months later, the unthinkable happened. They suddenly came to life, hunting us down. We called them gorgons - after the mythical creature Medusa - because their eyes had the power to paralyze us with just one look. Once we were immobilized, they would consume us at their leisure, leaving us to feel every excruciating bite. There was no escape, no hiding from their relentless pursuit.  The best defense was to run.

By the end of 2026, 85% of humanity was killed off.

Andrew Shipley is just an ordinary man thrust into an extraordinary nightmare of post-apocalyptic proportions. The alien invasion leaves Planet Earth a ghost town eking out an existence in the shadows.  As chaos erupts, hope dwindles for Andrew, his wife Melissa, his sons Cameron and Rutty, and his daughter Sissy.  Will they make it?  Or will the gorgons get them too?

Join author Aaron Ryan as he takes readers on a heart-pounding journey into the darkest corners of fear in this prequel to his bestselling "Dissonance" trilogy. "Volume Zero" is a harrowing tale of humanity's struggle to survive in the face of an alien invasion threat. Fans of the "Dissonance" trilogy will not want to miss this gripping prequel origin story.

PublisherAaron Ryan
Release dateJun 6, 2024
Dissonance Volume Zero: Revelation: Dissonance, #4

Aaron Ryan

  About Aaron Ryan, Author Aaron Ryan lives in Washington with his wife and two sons, along with Macy the dog, Winston the cat, and Merry & Pippin, the finches. He is the author of the "Dissonance" quadrilogy, the sci-fi thriller "Forecast," several books on voiceover business penned under a former stage name, as well as a previous fictional novel, "The Omega Room." When he was in second grade, he was tasked with writing a creative assignment: a fictional book.  And thus, "The Electric Boy" was born: a simple novella full of intrigue, fantasy, and 7-year-old wits that electrified Aaron's desire to write.  From that point forward, Aaron evolved into a creative soul that desired to create. He enjoys the arts, media, music, performing, poetry, and being a daddy.  In his lifetime he has been an author, voiceover artist, wedding videographer, stage performer, musician, producer, rock/pop artist, executive assistant, service manager, paperboy, CSR, poet, tech support, worship leader, and more.  The diversity of his life experiences gives him a unique approach to business, life, ministry, faith, and entertainment. Aaron's favorite author by far is J.R.R. Tolkien, but he also enjoys Suzanne Collins, James S.A. Corey, Marie Lu, Madeleine L'Engle, C.S. Lewis, and Stephen King. Aaron has always had a passion for storytelling. Visit his website at or the Dissonance trilogy website at

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